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sun 12 may 02

freshmeat: txt2xml 1.3 [java].

slashdot: free software at risk under lemon law.

unisci: nebula n44c, by botticelli?.

builder.com: to flash or not to flash.

an atlas of the universe.

dp review: carl zeiss gets excited about the contax n digital.

guardian.uk: how a british coup ended siege.

american journalism review: unsung heroes of political journalism.

linux journal: gnu/linux dvd player review.

onlamp: optimizing disk subsystems for random i/o.

cnet: outage dumps msn users.

ny times: art is homeless?

faz: when art attempts to preserve the soul.

times of india: u.s government agencies slow in responding to terror threat.

times of india: pakistan activated their nuclear arsenal during the kargil war with india in 1999. how close to the edge we are, and growing closer by the day.

ny times editorial: the constitution does not protect spamming.

ny times letters to the editor: is it our right to own guns? a right or a privilege?

ny times: is your health insurance hurting your credit? read this one. in the flurry of credit card bills, phone bills, insurance bills (of all stripes) ... added to the onerous task of running my own biz, i spend many, many hours each month verifying that payments are being received on time, and that extra charges are not being snuck in (more often than one would believe). if you just pay your receipts on faith each month ... you should do a little reading. if i would leave my bills to faith for three months, i would easily be paying up to double the amount i should be paying, due to mistakes and unwanted, unrequested 'additions.' unfortunately, this requires way too many hours on hold, making telephone calls for reparations. i dream of 'frontier house', i admit it.

ny times: north koreans draw u.s. into a diplomatic mess. the 'axis of evil' requests asylum from the 'axis of good'?

ny times: with convert's zeal, congress awakens to aids. better late than never? tell that to those who have perished.

ny times: cipollini takes stage in giro d'italia ...

ny times: ill pavarotti falls silent. looks like it's time for luciano to hang it up ...

santa fe new mexican: las campanas, the rich subdivision northwest of town, soaks up 1/12 of our available water, without restriction. santa fe is, what, about 80,000 people ... and las campanas has 380 active homes.

santa fe new mexican: hiking options in northern new mexico, still open. without rain, how much longer will carson national forest remain open, though?

reuters: pope gives the internet his blessing.

reuters: u.s expects russia to abide by nuclear testing moratorium. oh, *we* can break treaties at will, but *you* can't. "the bush administration doesn't discuss intelligence matters" ... another correlation with the tom clancy novels.

cnn: carter arrives in cuba.

happy mother's day!

got a little time to post.