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thu 09 may 02

got a phone call this afternoon from a wandering soul, "on the road, with booknotes." craig's had some great experiences, and i look forward to his full commentary when he returns. we had a nice bit o' enchilada at harry's roadhouse [christmas], along with tipping back some santa fe pale. we talked our ears off, and i toured him around some of our ecosystems. shot in front of casa dangerousmeta, 5:30 today:

two roads diverged in a wood and i, took the road less traveled by ...

megnut discusses another style of co-opting. corporate shills posing as webloggers is an inevitability as we become a larger, more influential group, i guess.

if you missed it, online journalism review: newspapers in the digital age. my favorite pullquote, speaking about weblogging as decentralized journalism: "the times seems to know how to co-opt potential threats."

toronto observer: journalists must return to the basics. "businessmen without journalistic experience or principles began taking over news organizations ... (snip) ... that led to the current trend of trying to make a profit by tailoring newscasts to specific demographics."

thinking about some of the current postings about 'webloggers vs. professional journalism.' we won't get a pat on the back for good work from the professional organizations; it's like expecting saddam hussein to applaud and praise one's efforts to set up a puppet government. i believe we must continue to send flow to our finest webloggers (note i did not say journalists), and supplant the entire existing media machine via consistently excellent weblogging. you realize, of course, that just by our burgeoning numbers alone, odds are we'll have a weblogger or three on-site when news breaks. surely you've noticed it happening more and more; we're reaching a critical mass. think about that for a minute. thousands of unpaid, straight-from-the-hip onsite news gatherers. soon we won't need the media so badly as a source; in fact, i believe they'll be gleaning information from us. the general public are finding us through search engines because of our high rankings on all sorts of subjects. it's our best method of advertisement, unintended as it is. we know that the average person is discovering the value of weblogs as news entities ... but it's the excellence of our postings that will keep them coming back. i believe we should be strongly emphasizing quality of weblogging and encouraging new webloggers worldwide.

well, the santa fe new mexican's website didn't even post an update to the dalton fire today, so i guess it's dropped off the radar screen. but they *have* posted an article about the possible purchase of eagle nest lake. eagle nest, if you remember, is a beautiful mountain lake in a high mountain valley.

i'm throttling back for the next couple of days. i need to get through this pile of work that's buried my computers and turned my mac and windows desktops into patchwork quilts.

welcome to santa fe, inside the tumble dryer.