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mon 29 apr 02

that's enough for the moment. back later.

wired: dwindling coral reefs. no thanks to the bleach boys.

nj.com: jenin graffiti artists learn 'polite' english.

chilly beach.

juxt interactive: flash deconstruction.

guardian.uk: university to arm eco-warriors with legal sword and shield.

dp review: epson stylus photo 2200. replacement for the 2000p, with *seven* color inks.

washington post: fliers cleared on diverted planes. bottom line, really ... if you have brown skin, and buy a one-way ticket with cash, expect to get rousted.

newsforge: installing linux on a walmart os-less pc.

newsforge: the mulberry email client.

zdnet: apple's emac.

ah, got through to weblogs that time.

washington post: fighting spirits. alas, great calamity becomes an opportunity to push an agenda. if you love a philosophy, you begin to wear that philosophy's rose-colored classes ... everything is explainable within that philosophy. we all do it, in varying shades. these guys are serious subscribers to their particular philosophies. one must read widely and well, to survive these rhetorical times.

nandotimes: growing video co-op sanitizes films. based on these standards, i'm surprised there's anything left of some films. what would be left of 'freddy got fingered'? this one's a niche, or a fad. remember when they cut the impacts from the 'roadrunner' cartoons in the 70's?

ny times: selling and collecting the intangible, at $1,000 a share. "... with nary a guarantee that this kind of work will even survive the next power outage, sales of online art have been scarce indeed."

faz: an art collector second to none.

well, i tried to ping weblogs.com, but couldn't get through.

times of india: paralyzed, terminally ill woman refused euthanasia. read to the end of the article, though.

times of india: iraq bracing for u.s. attack. hussein would have to be an idiot, not to prepare, after all the sabre-rattling.

times of india: bin laden spotted in pakistan. maybe.

times of india: u.s. regains u.n. rights commission seat.

new york times, april 26: devastated women. i didn't catch this when it was originally posted. gives a different view of 'compassionate conservatism.'

new york times: a snorkeler's low-key idyll. sounds great.

new york times: macromedia lays out strategy for more uses for flash player.

new york times: vienna buries child victims of the nazis.

new york times: saartjie baartman returns to south africa.

postings here will be done off-line, then added in big chunks at odd times. i'll ping weblogs.com when i do.

so the weekend was quite productive, really ... but you'd have to look hard to see how.

also took the second monitor off my mac system. i don't know why, but since i'm no longer doing as much 3d animation work, it feels like it divides my attention. but the main reason is ... heat. i want to cool down the office, now that summer's around the corner. that 15" has been wonky, anyway. and it'll force me to get back into the keystroke thing, rather than the 'point and shoot', in preparation for the switch to os x.

sunday was a day of work, but niggling system errors on both windows and macintosh systems called for a little analysis ... resulting in both my systems being down whilst norton, techtool and other products did their thing. also took the time to do some optimization. that shot my computing for 2/3 of the day.

had a good weekend. did a few 'water saving' experiments. took the elbows off the bathroom drains, had them run into buckets. took a shower with a bucket. but the real kicker was taking the washing machine drain hose, feeding it out a window, into a basin. yowzer. you never really realize the sheer amount of 'grey water' you generate until you try these things out. the continuing drought should be no problem. one load of wash, and i've got enough water to keep all the plantings (sans trees) in humid health.

well, the story is that my host's new motherboard should come in today or tomorrow, and then i'll be down for a few hours while it gets installed. postings here will be thin until the service is back up to 'normal.