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fri 26 apr 02

my host has had a motherboard failure. access will be very slow this weekend, folks.

the end of this week has been real entertaining. real. entertaining. i dread next week. hello, weekend!!!!

well, i was going to post more, but i have to handle a slight issue for a client ... across town. back much later.

bay area.com: university of california press cuts back on offerings. the cutbacks at university presses are going to cost our culture dearly, i fear.

sf gate: lamenting the rise of corporate news. i be a weblogger, and proud of it.

bbc: people consider television a valuable information resource, but can't remember what they watched last night.

times of india: saudis turn the heat on u.s. over israel. predictable article, but some interesting info.

times of india: u.s. moving closer to war with iraq. slightly altered title, but more indicative of content.

ny times letters to the editor: visions of conservation. "voluntary" conservation always means ... you don't have to.

ny times: u.s. panel backs risky plan to save grand canyon fish. "what we need here is a pre-cision earthquake, lord ..." hey, george hayduke!! the only way to save these fish is to remove glen canyon dam, and restore the colorado to her original glory. fat chance that'll ever happen, however ...

ny times: rule could let mine debris fill valleys and streams. seriously bad idea. i don't care if clinton did come up with it first; a bad idea is a bad idea. this isn't just rock we're talking about. go visit the acid pools below mine tailing piles.

ny times: gdp up 5.8% in first quarter.

santa fe new mexican: here's a new defense twist. 'cocaine psychosis.' but if you take cocaine, knowing that it will cause 'loss of control', doesn't that mean you're responsible for your actions?

reuters: now tell me how many thousands of dollars this is costing. what's wrong with shooting the poor thing with an anaesthetic dart, and saving it? or baiting a large hav-a-hart trap? a dog analyst! good grief.

reuters: soul mates do exist? funny; i don't see a soul mate as a mirror image, but as more seal and matrix ...

cnn: german school massacre. our particularly american disease seems to have spread. andrea has more info.

in santa fe, people bring their dogs to work with them. today, i got to meet an english mastiff named 'buford.' his head was larger than the span of my hand, standing a bit higher than my belt (i'm 6' 1"). a sweetheart, but damn ... he's *huge*. 200 pounds or so.

morning meeting again. back later.