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wed 24 apr 02

lakefx is back online. missed ya, monsieur hartung.

made me think of the black squirrels at the princeton university campus. sort of the 'black helicopter' of the squirrel race. they stay on campus; someone let a particular species loose out of a lab, years ago, and the color has been perpetuated. us kids had a closet theory that there was an undercover, covert squirrel-breeding lab on campus ... we spent more hours trying to find the lab. then we grew up. girls became more fascinating than black squirrels, as nature intended. but next time you're in princeton, buy a bag of peanuts at cox's, walk across the street and start looking out for a black squirrel. give 'em a nut, for me.

ananova: the grungy old starling takes top prize at a u.k. birdwatching exercise. starlings. sheesh. yeah, someone brought them over here to america. you can have 'em back, really ...

ananova: charles manson denied parole for 10th time. if you're young, and have never read bugliosi's 'helter skelter', and listened to the beatles 'white album,' you really owe it to yourself to get freaked out.

uh-oh. prince william passes his motorcycle test. this could get interesting. can't picture this big kid on a 125, but it's the easiest way to pass the tests. i had to use a 250, 'cause the 125 wouldn't haul my butt up inclines.

"hot pants" are back ... get this, for fall fashion. i'm not complaining ...

can't remember if i linked this, from men's journal: electric abs. my favorite part: "the makers of the abtronic even suggest wearing it over your chest to help promote pectoral growth. 'yeah, that's a great idea,' scoffs rabinoff. 'start zapping your heart with electricity.'" just do the ab crunches, already.

black world today: saudis, u.s., stress mutual interest in oil regime .

black world today: rwanda warns of more war.

coffeeresearch.org ... 'improving coffee quality through education and science.'

bar stool racing.

ananova: islamic shari'a prosecutors in nigeria are seeking the death penalty for two men accused of converting to christianity. oh, the 700 club's gonna be cooking tonight ... and for good reason, this time.

sourceforge: perlnuke. yep, that's right.

cnet: refurbished ipods, $339.

globe and mail: ddt may be the reason for the increase in human autoimmune disease. that should take the wind out of some of the arguments that ddt should continue to be exported to developing countries ... greedy bustards.

slashdot: text-mining your email.

wired: linkrot hampers learning. 'course there's more to it than this ... a dead link is just dead. but a bad or misleading link ... that's worse.

front national. read about le pen directly.

herobuilders.com. perfect for the bare monitor.

linux planet: linux package management.

the latest zogby poll results. democrats look good for the fall elections. this must twist rush's nut ... used to be, every other word out of his mouth was something about 'zogby this' and 'zogby that' ... but then, to be fair, i haven't heard the man in over five years. we don't get him on the radio out here ...

tuxppc: review, gentoo ppc linux.

new criterion: more britney spears. really about the dumbing down of the new york times culture sections.

bbc: not a single british pop act on the u.s. charts.

ny times arts: plans for a museum to remember the 1915 armenian massacre. an armenian friend introduced me to this piece of history years ago. it's about time it got recognized.

ny times op-ed: you knew i'd link this, but here goes: parks under siege. it's so bad, parks are begging for volunteers to help. in my view, that's dangerous because many parks are fragile, and volunteers may not have the proper knowledge/training needed to preserve the nature of the particular park they're trying to save. our national parks are for our children, grandchildren, and beyond. they're priceless, and to let a valuable treasure rot away from neglect is really, really stupid.

ny times letters to the editor: political shockwaves in france. come to think of it, i'd love to see european news media reports at the time when reagan finally won the republican nomination, way back when. in my memory, reagan was a perennial joke in the electoral process ... i mean, who in the heck would vote for an actor? and many remembered his just-plain-weird radio broadcasts during the vietnam war.

ny times letters to the editor: long lost books, found.

ny times books: 'a pelican in the wilderness', meditations on extreme solitude. sounds interesting.

ny times: racial gap in cancer survival not biological. gee, now who would have thought income, insurance, general health and diagnosis would be the deciding factors?

ny times: congressional panel agrees to limit home shield in bankruptcy. ah, enron becomes a lever for the more conservative financial hawks ...

ny times: senate passes $14 billion energy 'tax break.' maybe it's time to buy those solar panels i've been thinking about ...

santa fe new mexican: apparently, there's a geothermal power plant on the books, to be built in the valles caldera. i'll have to find out more about this.

reuters: chips, french fries, cereals and breads may cause cancer. acrylamides. heating of meat seems to increase the dosages, as well. wow. later: in doing a little googling, i see that acrylamides are more likely to be ingested via drinking water, paper, cosmetics, soap, and contact lenses ... just to name a few. lovely. we're bathing in it. i think i'll still eat my french fries ...

ha, ha. check the url.

an early morning meeting; i'll be back around noon. ciao.