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mon 22 apr 02

the progressive: the 50 year swindle. "part of the fifty-year stealth attack has been the compression of the progressive income tax brackets. today there is the smallest difference in our income tax history between the rates paid by unrich individuals and those paid by corporations and the wealthy. until the reagan administration, the top rate had been 70 percent. reagan got the official top rate down to 50 percent. the top rate is now 39.6 percent ..."

cnn: keep your eyes peeled. we may get auroras in lower latitudes ...

wouldn't you know it ... php comes out with the 4.2 update.

csm: companies that cut pollution for profit.

slashdot on the gates testimony.

ananova: 2,000 of napoleon's soldiers found in a mass grave in lithuania. they froze to death.

ananova: spinal injury repair 'may be up our noses.'

i hope he nails that damned ground squirrel that keeps chewing up our patio furniture, as well as thinning out the mouse population.

well, there was some excitement. screaming outside the back door revealed a rat giving birth, having had it's spinal cord severed by a black-footed ferret. ferrets, from my understanding, are rare now in new mexico, so i put a call in to the department of game and fish. took some digital shots of what i could. the damned ferret was too quick for the digital. but i assume the wounds on the rat are characteristic.

the ny times picks up the xenu.net/google debate.

slashdot: the zope bible.

the register: apple promotes "godless darwinism and communism." like snorting frozen vodka, the clear and unequivocal truth. [not.]

inventing modern america.

freshmeat: drivel 0.7.0, a livejournal client for gnome.

newsforge: aol on linux with winex 2.0.

onlamp: apache and ssl.

billsaysthis looks at the carter op-ed from yesterday. will the creation of a palestinian state stop the violence? doubtful. will it cork the hatred of israel in the arab world? no. how do you fix such a deadly relationship?

middle east times: beware of this dangerous and ignorant view. wide-ranging, but interesting.

startribune: museums really use spit and polish. i should think the salt might harm pigments, canvas and wood ... but what do i know?

observer.uk: more than 400 buddhist statues found in china.

ny times letters to the editor: ashcroft's beliefs.

ny times: e-books, an idea whose time hasn't come. you can't replace a paper book. sounds luddite, but who wants a book with a battery?

ny times arts: a canadian photographer's voyages of discovery. i'd like to see this.

ny times: president to use earth day to sell environmental plan. but it's more an article about the perceptions of environmentalism within the republican party, and republican pollsters. "beats, backpackers and bangles crowd" ... yow. talk about pigeonholing.

ny times: limits of dna research pushed to identify sept. 11 victims.

santa fe new mexican: not black holes, gravastars.

happy earth day!

walking with pounds of camera gear is not conducive to morning pleasantry. i'm sore.