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sun 21 apr 02

somebody's playing with google. via my referrers.

the guardian.uk: that's no lady, that's ... || o.k., but i thought shakespeare wasn't shakespeare, but marlowe or bacon or ...

boy, contrast the writing in carter's piece with gore's piece, and that explains everything. 'course, asking president bush to pick up a pen and pontificate ... scary thought.

ny times op-ed: jimmy carter, america can persuade israel to make a just peace.

ny times op-ed: al gore, the selling of an energy policy. much as i agree with all of this, as soon as al mentions 'true leadership' i start to turn off ... and i don't really want to. i still have his monotone echoing in the back of my head from the debates; i hear 'old' al in the last half of this piece. the schoolteacher.

ny times arts: a man for all centuries, and sins. de sade.

ny times magazine: the leonardo coverup. ah, yes. some time ago, i ran across an article where wine experts were blindfolded, and given varying wines, (white wines colored with food coloring, rare vintages, etc.). a proper scientific evaluation. none could agree consistently upon 'fruitiness', 'oak' or any of those other wonderful descriptive flavors we love to read about. looks like art might be similar ...

ny times: bush policies have been good to the energy industry. to read this is to be nauseated. if you haven't gotten out of your metal behemoth and walked a strip mine, you have simply no conception of what's going down.

ny times: jefferson heirs plan cemetery for slave's kin at monticello. "separate, but equal?" hmmmph.

santa fe new mexican: santa fe, to save water, contemplates retrofitting low-flow toilets. some older homes in santa fe have 'homemade' water systems, constructed out of coffee cans. no joke; i've seen 'em.

cnn: keeping email encryption alive.

cnn: 370 year old book proclaims women's worth. archaeosuffragettology?

ah. k10k is back. takes a looong time to load on a dialup.

then again, maybe a sigmoidoscopy is more the flavor ...

later on, i have to bang my head up against that perl script that just won't function on one of my remote servers ... taking with me a clearer view of what the issue might be.

just a note; finally got xslt working in php on apache 2. i spent the better part of half a day trying to get it configured, and when i saw the mistake i made ... i realized how much effort i put into 'problem-solving' and how much time i could have saved by just looking at the issue face-on, and starting with the simple fixes *first* ...

weblogging, at the moment, seems about as attractive as a colonoscopy. too many other, more fun things to do.