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fri 19 apr 02

oldie but goodie: eco on mac vs. pc.

reuters health: more smog, less sperm.

new scientist: robert watson, top climate scientist, ousted. thank the government, and exxon-mobil. those campaign contributions just keep on paying off ...

netanyahu.org: i realize the source. but this is interesting: the arafat i knew. the author is 'the highest ranking intelligence officer ever to have defected from the former soviet bloc.' just another plot point on the old mental curve ...

washington post: michael kinsley, lying in style.

zdnet: four routes to lin-win desktops.

ny times: the gargoyles of nyc.

must be the planetary alignment. even the register's talking waging peace on the internet.

wired: os x surfs slow.

new york observer: real men don't get intimidated by smart, successful women.

startribune: fallingwater gets a boost. okay, i've got a dumb question. if it's an 'architectural masterpiece', and has been structurally unsound since built ... well then ... now, i don't argue it's eye candy. but my peeve with some architects is, often they build for plans and posterity, not for real-world usage.

did the folks at mozilla swap "open in new tab" and "open in new window"? i seem to be having brain death here ...

ny times: fighting over the rio grande. it's damned thin here; at albuquerque, you can probably walk across and only get wet up to your ankles. i would imagine evaporation would take care of the rest long before it reaches the gulf ...

ny times: bush favors dozens of sites for exploration. maybe ranchers will team up with environmentalists this time.

ny times: rumsfeld resists call to increase military. he does look like a stereotypical accountant, doesn't he?

ny times: the review of 'murder by numbers' makes it sound interesting.

reuters: martial arts expert teaches air defense. when that flight attendant (i was going to say 'stewardess') tells you to sit down, you'd better listen.

reuters: planetary alignment heralds world peace?

cnn: robert blake arrested. hmmm. 'compelling and significant' circumstantial evidence. trying circumstantial evidence murder cases is a really tough go. one can only hope that l.a.'s done a better job this time around, otherwise we face another o.j. ...

sloooow start this morning.