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thu 18 apr 02

ananova: thousands of incan mummies found in lima. after seeing the pics, i thought they might need a suggestion for music to dig by ...

ananova: well, the london marathon was on sunday. but there's a guy still running it. in an antique deep-sea diving suit, complete with lead boots.

msn/slate whopper of the week, from george w. bush.

peace-action.org. antiwar.com.

looking for 'peace weblog', i find this. and billsaysthis is #10. look up 'peace blog', too, while you're at it ... before the discussion burgeons. see who staked out the territory first, before google reindexes. tomorrow will be too late.

mozilla 1fc1 seems much faster in starting up on mac. and command-q works ...

what a nightmare. local news is covering a story about a four year old boy who went to play in the backyard with his older sister (eight?). the sister came in to their mother, holding a syringe, followed by the child holding his bleeding finger. yep. a dirty heroin syringe. the little boy picked it up the wrong way. he's been through a day of blood tests, but now ... every six months ... he gets tested for aids. so, for you parents out there, do your kids know not to pick up or touch syringes, and call an adult?

so i can't get raichle palu's in america. phooey. so these come damned close. now that's a boot, not one of these glued-together high-tech nightmares that i wear out in three months.

mozilla 1.0 candidate 1. thank you, massless.

whimmydiddle reminds us to wear pants around congressional republicans ...

happy birthday, eliot.

sitemeter's maxed out. nada statistics.

hey readers. papascott is wondering what percentage of actively used macs are running os x. i left my comments, based on my experience [i'm not, yet, because i need to upgrade my hardware ... some of my clients are turning off os x to stick with the ui they know]. if you have any input, go add your comment. qualify your years with mac: programmer, bigoted devotee, average joe, or newbie. might be nice to mention hardware, as well.

the south carolina confederate flag gets burnt. the black santa suit just gives it that extra touch ... and i don't mean that in a derogatory way.

cnn: thor heyerdahl is dead. wow; the man who wrote 'kon tiki' was afraid of the water until age 22.

cnn: a 50+ year old manx shearwater returns to breed again. all *right*, methuselah ...

cnn: senate rejects drilling for oil in the arctic.

cnn: don't be a bunny hugger ... join the rattlesnake roundup. erm, a little fact they don't mention in this article is that there are many species of snake in new mexico that eat rodents. one would assume the local bullsnakes would enjoy a clear field at the deer mice. it's mighty difficult to cohabitate with a rattlesnake that lives under your front porch steps [i tried, once upon a time]. is it 'snakicide'? i don't know. so i'll just point and let you make up your own mind.

environmental news network: concerns linger about electromagnetic fields.

dp review: nikon view 5.0.1 for windows & mac.

zdnet: what's hidden in your hard drive?

ny times alert: small plane hits milan 'skyscraper'. does 30 stories count as a 'skyscraper'?

continuing in the 'just for fun' vein: ann coulter, "9 out of 10 caribou support drilling." my favorite: "there is not a thinking man's democrat in the country. if only caribou voted instead of democrats, the country would finally have a serious energy policy." such cunning misdirection. [joking]. just because an ecosystem is cold, dark and seemingly barren doesn't mean it's not fragile or sensitive.

shooting back, the right and duty of self-defense. next time you're in church, contemplate that someone next to you might be packing a .38 ...

washington post: search for oil targets rocky mountains. "the industry has proposed drilling as many as 26,000 methane wells in Montana and 39,000 in Wyoming over the next decade." ye gods. where's hayduke when you need him?

lsm: why conductors have great sex.

equityfeminism.com: sit, ingvar, sit.

times of india: airlines pilots don't want the flight 93 tape aired.

what's happened to a simple, "wow"?

sometimes it seems that's a whole subsection of bloggers, too.

got a concept brewing in the back of my mind ... just random. 'verbal defacement.' there were some college kids touring some of the ruins at chaco while i was there, two guys and a gal. the guys were obviously showing off, but when faced with information or situations they were unaware of, their initial reaction was to make a joke, marginalize the information, redirect the facts to fit their own frame. later, during the night sky program, one guy looked into the 24" reflector, saw jupiter, and said: "yep. just what i figured. another white spot. big f-ing deal."

ny times letters to the editor: aiming for college, or for life?

ny times: five planets align for a sky show.

ny times: in oregon, judge blocks u.s. bid to ban suicide law.

ny times: 'high noon' controversy.

a breathtakingly dull news day; i'll go take a walk first. back soon.

reuters: after 29 years of exile, former king mohammed zahir shah returns to afghanistan.