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wed 17 apr 02

oh no! the wetlands on hudson street is *gone*?!!

okay, that linkage should make up for missing most of today. happy now?

the american prospect: what progressives can learn from david brock. money, organization, coordination.

washington post: health care in a 'death cycle.' incremental change theories are bankrupt. alwin, here it comes. this wasn't a strong enough statement, sure ... but let's hope it continues to steamroll ...

guardian.uk: "don't hate the media - be the media." screw the professional journalists; blog away. the big news, that people keep ignoring, is that bloggers, just by their sheer numbers and physical location, are gradually becoming news-generators, not just aggregators. thomas edison is smiling.

boston globe: sharon/safire.

meiklejohn civil liberties institute archives.

women's e-news: study finds wage gap is just the beginning.

black world today: yesterday marks 23 years since the fall of idi amin.

relativistic heavy ion collider.

environmental news network/lycos: scientists request immediate end to logging national forests.

political wire, a day ago: whoops. trent lott screws up, in trying to lambast daschle and the dems. tsk, tsk.

if you're using windows, mailwasher might be for you. bounce spam emails back as if you didn't exist.

washington post: mccain, and the 'straight talk express' ... ready for '04? as a democrat?

faz: what should a library be?

philly.com: a meeting of two great minds in architecture. venturi and koolhaas.

times of india: camel virus could provide iraq with bioweapon. don't need no camel virus; why not just ragweed bombs?

times of india: a seven year old minnesota boy has taken out a patent on using a swing with a side-to-side motion. what could be next? patents on men's briefs as makeshift gas masks? wonderbread as house insulation? the mind boggles.

ny times arts: lamenting the fade-out of classical radio. i love a good classical music station; however, many have devolved into 'beethoven sixth, eine kleine nachtmusik, bolero' stations ... playing recognizable works serially. gawd. kill 'em dead, please.

ny times science: of the scorpion king, and early writing. 'the rock' can write?

a belated thanks to mike for the heads-up about apache 2. got it running at dangerous.hn.org on the windows laptop; nothing there yet. but it works. i'm thankful for small favors these days. now to break it ...

easy publisher for zope.

good grief.

bohemian club and bohemian grove, a more sensationalist view.

the bohemian club.

reuters: "phantom patriot" guilty of attack. of course, that's purely secondary. what the heck is this 'bohemian club' stuff? sounds like the rich white boys again ...

does anyone care for any postings, at this late hour?

well, *that* was interesting. a day in which i meet os x, and os x slays me dead. i take it to get printers working in both environments, you have to install in os x, then setup for boot in 9, install in 9, reconfigure for x ... etc. etc. ad nauseam.

morning meetings again. see you around noonish.