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tue 09 apr 02

ananova: link between dinosaurs and birds, proven.

be still, my aged gorp ... does this herald the return of splorp?

freshmeat: mod_auth_imap 0.2.

viewsonic airpanel 100 wireless monitor. ooooh.

exactly 111 kilograms of prey is required to sustain one kilogram of any predator.

skunkweb 3.2.

dp review: nikon sets price of d100. $1,999.

unix review: backup scripts.

telegraph.uk: ah, to be a lefty. which i'm not ... by this definition, anyway.

chronicle of higher ed: american culture goes global ... or does it? i don't agree with this, but i don't have time to belabor the point.

newegg.com has a 512MB compactflash type 1 for 190 bucks.

times of india: boost for blair as i.r.a. decides to disarm. saying goodbye to me little armalite ...

times of india: jimmy carter gets permission to visit cuba.

times of india: first muslim buried in jesus' birthplace.

ny times op-ed: the third oil crisis? well, they don't have the same testosterone-rush, but we shoulda stuck with four-bangers ...

ny times op-ed: campaign reform farce.

reminds me. last wednesday was emmylou harris' birthday; she turned 55.

ny times art: joan baez remembers high times, high stress.

ny times: getting used to life, long life, with cancer.

santa fe new mexican: the rain over the weekend was good, but far from enough.

reuters: what killed the yellow emperor?

cnn: mystery burial ground in kentucky.

cnn: fish oil supplements may stave off heart attacks? reduces the incidence of arrhythmias ...

of course there will be photos ... oh, and hal, if you have any specific requests for photos, let me know (grin). i'll be doing full-on photocd for this.

so postings will be thin for a while. things will get back to normal on monday of next week.

sorry, folks. i'm gearing up to head out of town for a few days, starting thursday, and have to grind through a mountain of work. where am i going? to a place that mixes the anasazi and the cosmos ...