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thu 04 apr 02

okay, someone's flipped. i see a post on rec.outdoors.camping asking about "camping with internet access." bong - sorry, wrong answer ...

iht: in bethlehem, the dead share space with the wounded. via interestingmonstah.

cnn: did halle berry's speech expose oscar racism? yep.

ananova: stonehenge-age cup found in british field. erm, not just any 'field' ... a field with a barrow.

ananova: 2,700 year old etruscan city found in italy.

speaking of which, we've been seeing an 'abstinence' campaign on local television here in new mexico, claiming abstinence is the only truly safe option, and delineating a laundry list of std's that partners must be tested for after each instance of unprotected intercourse. the live action segment is well-produced, but mated with a really low-grade logo animation.

ananova: volunteers injected with trial aids vaccine.

after trying to reason with them, of course ... *wink* ...

ananova: princess di death inquiry ends. i still think the photographers should have been held accountable. yes, the driver could have chosen not to speed, and the alcohol/drug issue might never have caused these deaths. i would have gotten out and punched out the motorcyclists and damaged their rides instead of trying to run away, and probably been thrown in jail ...

my accountant just called. looks like, for the first time in years, i might get a rebate. now i know the end of the world is nigh ... (joking, just joking ... i'm quite happy).

in this age of telemarketers, i'm mildly surprised to see how happy i feel at getting a wrong number ...

openlink virtuoso.

php hack.

ny times letters to the editor: yucca mountain and chernobyl. the radioactive wipp trucks pass a mile from my house, unescorted, from los alamos to carlsbad. it's a couple hundred miles of empty, lonely highway. and the sieve that is the mexican border is very close ...


the rabbit. flash.

the register: nuking ms messenger.

linux planet: the law office network/linux server trial.

motley fool: reasonable household expenses, as a percentage after-tax. insurance, 5%? yeah, right ...

motley fool: real estate vs. stocks. the value on my house went up over 20 percent in one year ... anyone want to pool funds and start fixing up santa fe real estate?

cnet: the russian nuclear red phone, the ceo blue phone? new hot line links ceo's to white house. your government, of the corporation and by the corporation ...

cnet: aol buddies up to increase i.m. wingspan.

wall street journal pans sharp's new zaurus. most of his negatives may not be *your* negatives, however. personally, i prefer a newton-size ...

devshed: php, building an extensible form validator class.

yahoo/reuters: u.s. said to be violating international treaties. we dominate the world, didn't you realize? silly peons who speak funny ...

chronicles magazine: bandwidth blues.

pittsburgh post-gazette: did beethoven really die of lead poisoning?

2002 is turning out to be a sombre year. just got a call that my cousin passed away. she was 46.

santa fe new mexican: more discussion of water restrictions. the las campanas (high-roller) development needs to let their golf course go brown this summer.

reuters: parents of autistic children sue drug firms, dentists, others. i hope they can convincingly link mercury to autism in the trial.

reuters: bristol-myers squibb tumbles on profit warning. they've been shucking employees in new jersey. sounds like pruning for buyout? anyway, be judicious if you're invested.

cnn: interior department internet access still limited.

cnn: little steven to bring you platters that matter. playing garage band and other music you haven't heard before. finally.

cnn: team to clear garbage, bodies from everest.

cnn: the 'puppy protection act.' why do puppies count more than calves or chickens?

two early morning meetings in a row ... back later.