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wed 03 apr 02

a discussion about removing weblog postings on mefi. i like the strikeout idea; i'm going to set up a css class.

ananova: gene therapy seems to cure 'bubble baby.'

ananova: starch in breads and cereals may cause nearsightedness. thank you, wonderbread. the incredibly shrinking bread ...

ananova: a two-headed snake.

msnbc: a frank look at bush's shortcomings in dealing with the palestinian/israeli crisis.

cnn: new mexico thinks we, its citizens, are stupid.

i'm late, but happy blogday, booknotes!

in the discussion area, a reader points up that yesterday's ananova article on marijuana and i.q. was a bit misleading.

cnet: aol victorious in porn-spam case.

sci fi channel will do a miniseries on myst.

the world and i: yo-yo ma's silk road project.

environmental news service: most u.s. coastal waters polluted. and you wonder why coastal wetlands are so important. how would one 'clean' such an area?

bbc: forest survey shows big holes. plant trees. now.

linux orbit: upgrading the linux kernel.

linuxworld: how to set up imap on the cheap, part two. of course, cheap doesn't necessarily mean easy ...

newsforge: three of the internet's best places to get started with linux.

proteus 1.6, a multi-service im client (like trillian), for os x.

las vegas sun: richardson virtually alone in new mexico gubernatorial race. he's got the name recognition to generate big bucks, something noone else has in the state. he will probably win, which means we'll have a big name/no action governor ...

open source pascal.

guardian.uk: three books look at god.

discover: the inner savant. "each of us has the innate capacity for savantlike skills, but that mental machinery is unconscious in most people."

minneapolis star-tribune: book on children and sex finds harsh critics. the conservative nose is a bit out of joint, but in the absence of knowledge ... kids will experiment until they find answers. peer pressure will drive the pursuit.

sfgate: 50's shasta cola ad painted over in san fran. i weep for burma shave ...

economist: the growing importance of ethical considerations is transforming archaeology.

short history of the kohinoor diamond. i liked it better before it was cut ...

times of india: kohinoor crown to be placed on queen mother's coffin.

times of india: world war 2 bomb found in danube.

ny times: how to grow a giant tuna.

ny times: a dim view of a posthuman future.

ny times: u.s. will shift funds to avoid debt ceiling. an interesting quandary for the g.o.p., that debt ceiling ...

ny times: north korea to resume talks with u.s. barring any more name-calling.

ny times: oh, to be a republican lobbyist. i'm in the wrong business, i guess.

santa fe new mexican: russell means to try a run at new mexico governor, as a third-party candidate. a few significant hurdles remain, however.

cnn: rudeness is getting worse. and elvis started it.

the lensic theatre's showing a big-screen debut of 'shackleton' ... i might go.

cold this morning. less than 30! winter has a hard time letting go the reins ...