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tue 02 apr 02

the age.au: ancient roman villa may house world's richest literary treasure. very exciting, this.

da phone be ringin' off da hook today.

reuters: money and sleep linked to good health.

ananova: shrouded bones could be crucifixion witness? read the whole article; i'm surprised noone's announcing they found judas ...

ananova: ancient fire and handprints rewrite history.

ananova: air pressure from passing cars can cause toads to explode. a new pastime for teens with cars, i'm sure ...

ananova: cannabis lowers i.q.

ananova: gene linked to 'internal sunscreen.'

why the sudden concern about fires? well, as with los alamos two years ago, we can see smoke from the bosque fire all over our southern exposure. forewarned is forearmed, in other words.

and the southwest area fire operations.

from the trib, i've found the krqe wildfire center ... thanks!

albuquerque tribune: fires burn in bosque, gila. gee, i had wanted to check the status of the fires at the albuquerque journal, but i couldn't because they require me to be a paying subscriber ... so much for personal and property safety.

cnn: trenton, n.j. is no longer the only state capitol *without* a hotel. trenton's heyday was ww1 and ww2 era. gentrification is nonexistent, for the most part.

cnn: pilot strays into white house airspace. no matter who they reprimand, washington national (reagan) will always be a liability and a risk ...

papascott has moved. he wants to test his 'rolling referrers' ... so link him.

the 'table of condiments' that routinely go bad. via broomeman.

i guess i should have said 'some things are so darned gui, i can't get any work done.' would've saved bandwidth ...

billings gazette: there is continuing controversy on the alt.rec.camping lists about grizzlies. do you carry a large-calibre pistol, or bear spray? someone posted this news article about a bear attack in which the victim successfully used bear spray ... but one would have to wonder what the outcome would be for people on foot.

scientific american: arsenic in drinking water may accelerate artery disease. are you listening, albuquerque and santa fe water utilities? contributed by alwin. thank you, sir.

charlotte observer: cummins truck engine wins emissions ok. no wonder our highways stink: "... the companies sold 1.3 million heavy-duty diesel engines with illegal 'defeat devices' that allowed drivers to turn off emission controls during highway driving."

ny times: an 'art explorer' finds the real creators of works. the kline gallery in santa fe.

iht: halle berry wants more money. and what's wrong with that?

imaclinux: review of yellow dog linux 2.2.

linux mag: mysql performance tuning.

zdnet: microsoft web servers gain market share.

was that a rant? i guess so. i just want to program, dammit. get the other junk outta my face ...

just a side note, while it's on my mind ... i was very happy to see, during sxsw, that cam still 'old-schools' blogging and does things manually. makes me feel less lonely. i have zope easing archive management and the two-day front page routine ... but for straight linkage, i'm typing links. i type an HREF tag faster than fiddling with a mouse and interface, FORM submits and such. gui's lately have been really stressing me out; whereas one minute they can be a brief aid, i find they end up being heavy damned monkeys on my back. i know what i want to accomplish, but neither mac nor windows (or linux) make my job that much easier. there's so much 'interface' between me and what i want to do ... and every software manufacturer wants you to invest your precious brain-space on *their* particular interface. i hate it. i spend more time fiddling finding things in disparate interfaces than i do getting real work done. i guess this means i'll like the os x command line, when i finally upgrade ...

chronicle of higher ed: is race real? does identity matter? i have a feeling dave will like this ... after all, 'identity' is just another belief system, right?

atlantic online: nobel sentiments.

the art newspaper: java's art is slipping away.

this is london: art without frontiers.

new music box: tracing the history of an american classical tradition.

ny times op-ed: time for american leadership.

ny times: wyoming scenery, african memories. i like this comment: "... the unreal ease of life in the united states."

ny times: hands-free cellphones may still be a road risk. of course it is. people think, "oh, i'm only doing two things at once ... talking and driving." but driving itself is multitasking; adding another complex task just overloads and opens the door for tragedy. from personal experience, i see more people driving wildly fiddling with earpieces and cables now ...

ny times: for all in search of skeletons, u.s. opened its closet at midnight. 123 million? a lot of work, but it'd be cool to have 'em transcribed to the web ...

ny times: synagogues burn in france. "they appear to reflect the growing radicalization and anger of france's large muslim population ..."

ny times: u.s. report on trade center resonates with lessons unlearned.

cnn: new mexico to require knowledge of federal indian laws for bar exam. the most surprising thing about this is that cnn would think it newsworthy. we have a slew of reservations and pueblos covering a great many square miles of our state.

won't be fooled again ... for another year.