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sat 30 mar 02

ny times: seducing paris, one cafe at a time.

ny times: listening for the voices of women.

ny times: drilling in the anwr could hurt wildlife.

ny times: home insurers frown on many dogs.

santa fe new mexican: cerrillos loses its franciscans.

reuters: gene-modifying chickens to lay 'designer' eggs. far be it for me to make suggestions to biotech brains, but how 'bout an egg that's impervious to salmonella?

reuters: the queen mum is dead at 101. a long, admirable life. funny thing; they don't mention anywhere what her 'real name' was ...

cnn: historic plane pulled from puget sound. dang, they're going to have to practically disassemble that entire plane and rinse it down to get the salt off the parts ...

i think i just saw the 'chocolate creme' cadbury bunny hop by ...