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thu 28 mar 02

rowf. a conflusterating bit of code just won't flipflangulate ...

for zope: formulon.

i downloaded free stickybrain on alwin's recommend, 'cause i have some friends addicted to stickies (a malady i bypassed). a more grossly overengineered product i've never seen. beautiful. i'll never get the creative types to adopt it, but the others will embrace it with glee ...

zdnet: europe stumbles on echelon spy network.

freshmeat: php/toolbox 2.1.0, iamb 1.0 [perl].

cnet: yahoo revises privacy policy. more spam.

usa today: earn exciting prizes from the republicans!.

nandotimes: in the next 50 years, the number of people over 60 will quadruple. "we could have 70 million baby boomers - with all that talent and experience - sitting and collecting social security and using medicare for up to three decades in retirement without being a vital part of the economic activity." a recipe for disaster if i ever heard one. think social security will survive? hmmm ...

national review online: an interesting counterpoint to government regulation, cast against the enron debacle. before you hang me, read it. i will do a little research to verify information here, just for my own eddicashun ...

new zealand herald: autodesk offers rent option for software. cool. let's hope other software companies copy this.

webmd: tongue piercing damages teeth, gums.

men's fitness: the ultimate iron-free workout. forget buying a bowflex; bodyweight rules. never underestimate the wide-ranging fitness benefits of pullups and dips. they go way beyond isolated muscle toning.

femail.co.uk: pros and cons of drinking wine.

black world today: the founding fathers and the dilemma of black patriotism. the marquis de lafayette: "i would never have drawn my sword in the cause of america if i could have conceived that thereby i was helping to found a nation of slaves."

black world today: the new breed of black politicians.

bbc: what aid organizations are helping with the afghanistan earthquake?

another entry for the 'too-much-time-on-their-hands' category: dear hell.

lycos: e.u. backs off ban on noisy aircraft.

telegraph.uk: pollution bends the genders of song birds.

mozillaquest: mandrake linux 8.2 released for downloading.

ananova: ground zero buildings must not exceed 60 stories.

talking points: oh, yes ... bush uses polls. in spite of appearances and statements to the contrary.

desktop linux: ms office on linux.

pc world: sharp's zaurus pda makes u.s. debut.

forbes: wall street embraces linux. if this 'experiment' works, it could be the mere beginning for linux ...

out to a meeting ...

and you don't have to take my word for it. a decent journalist should have jumped on this already ...

salon/ap: pilots request airbus investigation. "airbus officials have said tests show that damage that cannot be seen cannot weaken the tail." these folks are getting me angry. delamination can happen inside the structure, completely (and mortally) weakening the part.

salon: buffalo soldiers.

salon: confessions of a book club outcast.

iht: demand for art is draining the market.

times of india: want a windows ipod? it's easy.

times of india: arab daily says it received email from bin laden.

ny times op-ed: one-way discussion on energy.

ny times: army secretary defends his sale of enron stock. "if the same facts applied to hillary clinton or any member of the clinton administration, republicans would be calling for a special counsel and would be subpoenaing thousands of pages of information."

ny times: patients surge and hospitals hunt for beds.

santa fe new mexican: gettysburg of the west.

reuters: a new translation of the kama sutra puts new emphasis on women's pleasure.

reuters: adult anxiety linked to early development in mice.

a great deal of violent death in the news these days.

cnn: lyle lovett trampled by bull. there's an interesting story behind that one, i'm sure ...

work, work, work ...