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sun 24 mar 02

karl at paradox1x is contrasting his use of the latest moveable type upgrade with greymatter. and other systems, too, really ...

another mac html editor ... mi. highly customizable. freeware.

linux journal looks at ruby.

as i surf around, i'll keep my eye out for more info. thanks, bill. i'm beginning to understand a bit better now. i think my density just underwent a reduction ... (grin) ...

and understanding that, makes reading this article about the insurance industry post-september 11 make sense.

ah, so when i'm buying insurance, i'm buying into a 'group' of sorts ... the management structure, and the pool of insurees. investment losses would seem to qualify under 'operating expenses' ... now it's making more sense. but i've always picked insurance companies rather casually ... something i'd best amend in the future.

'how does insurance work?'

billsaysthis and i have been having a discussion about insurance. my impressions have been gleaned from non-authoritative sources, and bill rightly advises me to do a little research to understand the industry a bit better. please bear with my next insurance links ...

guardian.uk: thumbs are the new fingers. time to exercise.

ny times: lockbox or not, social security's ills grow. i still can't figure out why even the ny times still prevaricates as to the cause of the budget surplus loss ... they themselves answered it six months ago. gotta find that article and repost it.

ny times: europeans opting against marriage.

santa fe new mexican: cris moore reflects on his time as a member of the santa fe city council. if you're disillusioned with politics, this might illustrate how one person can engender change for the positive.

santa fe new mexican: fire conditions in new mexico forests.

reuters: the love affair with tech stocks continues.

cnn: dr. scholl has passed away.

haven't been able to get any local coverage on the fires. wind's are still high this morning.