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wed 20 mar 02

reuters: apple hikes imac price by 100 bucks.

reuters: pamela anderson has hepatitis c. contracted via a tattoo needle, shared by her former husband tommy lee.

congrats on the release of moveable type 2.

ananova: for you mathematicians and statisticians, "the ratio of smiths is almost a global constant."

you're welcome, wheatdesign. i admire your site, too. but then, i've always been a fan of black backgrounds ...

for some reason, i can't get through to daypop, blogdex, editthispage ... what a bummer. through blogtracker, i can see people have updated, but i can't go read. that sucks.

new scientist: eyeball "squeezing" to correct sight. i've got some spare rubberbands ... shall i have a go?

new scientist: "growing" fish filets. read it. it'll turn you veggie in about ten seconds ...

for bill, "do real men shave their legs?"

u-wire: in spite widespread ignorance in political circles, hemp is a perfect solution for farmers.

bbc: soviet moon rocket secrets revealed. look at the size of those engines ... via slashdot.

ananova: artist's impression of london bridge tower released. hmmm, narrow at the top to make airliner target practice more difficult? even at 66 floors, i'd think about it ...

joe cartoon. 'lament for a toad.' aliens, kick the can, bad poetry, carnage. and flash.

freshmeat: mysql data manager 1.43, rss viewer 1.0.0.

guardian.uk: advertising computer games ... on gravestones. i was wondering when some marketing genius was going to try this one. next stop: genetically-modified trees in the shape of the nike swoosh.

politicalwire: senator calls for investigation into ray's political activity.

osopinion: delay for new imacs linked to glass for lcd. so, i guess the power cord issue was not a show-stopper ...

... all in the pursuit of business correspondence perfection. god forbid you should send out a note with white-out, something accepted without comment, once upon a time.

new yorker: the social life of paper. personally, i'd rather see the stats for paper consumption from 1975 through 1990 ... the heart of the typewriter-word processor-personal computer blitz. all of a sudden, we were devouring forests ...

bbc: alexandre dumas honored. i wonder how his home town feels about the move. he gets his ash stuffed in the pantheon.

the art newspaper: new u.s. tax law might drive art owners crazy.

how many bulls can we wave red capes in front of at the same time? the mind boggles.

times of india: u.s. and south korea set to stage biggest-ever war games.

times of india: china hails own strategic nuclear force.

times of india: calcium may discourage colon cancer.


ny times: u.s. acts to shrink endangered species habitats.

ny times: defibrillators are effective, but the cost is a concern.

ny times: senate gop retaliates over judges.

ny times: campaign finance reform faces final vote.

cnn: no whitewater charges for the clintons. was it worth the cost? you decide.

i'm back. i think i need a vacation from my morning.

i've got a meeting first thing; sparse linkage till early afternoon.