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tue 19 mar 02

one thing they don't tell you about these 'kneeling' chairs. you wear all the hair off the front of your lower legs. i'm going to look like hell this spring. i guess i'll have to shave my legs for biking ...

blogger cd swap.

washington post: whose commandments?

entertainment news daily: teen 'journalist' at academy awards.

black world today: 60th anniversary for the tuskegee airmen. "it was generally believed blacks couldn't be military pilots, but pressure from the black press and civil rights organizations, and even eleanor roosevelt, who once took a ride in a plane piloted by a black flight instructor, convinced the powers that be that blacks could do the job." a generation that cheered jesse owens almost couldn't stretch their minds this far.

phpbb is some really nice php forum software. really nice. i might be using this soon.

cnet: pricing change irks oracle customers. hmmm. as john theorized a while ago, opp for postgres?

iht: how did this nash distortion begin?. about 'a beautiful mind.'


speaking of which, i've received my first full-bore, near-gynecological porno html email. jeez, man. i'm assuming yahoo groups again. but i can't help but imagine a little kid getting online, expecting an update from the 'barney' website (or whatever's current), and getting this ...

salon: pennsylvania law: isp's must block child porn.

taipei times: graffiti art and "a woman's place." my quotes.

cnet: consumers may bear pc recycling costs.

asahi.com: blowing sands from china help ameliorate acid rain.

ananova: meet 'maddy', the virtual newscaster. looks a little 'hippy', in comparison ... and a little '80's?

ananova: analysts say pay-for internet subscriptions won't be popular.

spicynoodles: postgresql extension for frontier.

firebird. 'new' relational database.

the register: lindows wins round one.

sky and telescope's interactive sky chart. seriously cool; forget buying specific software ...

space.com: czech republic enacts world's first national light pollution law.

bbc: antarctic ice shelf breaks apart. scientists are justifiably a bit concerned.

cnet news.com: sony's new 16.1" big screen notebook.

guardian.uk: interactive guide to the ayodhya temple. find out what all the hoo-hah is about ...

linux journal: hardening sendmail.

washington post: an overpopulation of phd's?

guardian.uk: music for castaways. beethoven and the beatles.

ny times op-ed: along those same lines, bad medicine. "it's one thing if the rich can afford bigger houses or fancier vacations than ordinary families; americans accept such differences cheerfully. but a society in which rich people get their medical problems solved, while ordinary people die from them, is too harsh even for us." good point; worthy of some cogitation.

ny times letters to the editor: who will treat elderly patients? the 400 dollar office visit, reimbursed 40 dollars, resonates.

ny times: oliver sacks looks for ferns in oaxaca. (note: wa-HA-ca, not the tourist oh-AXE-a-ca.)

ny times: fumes and visions for the oracle at delphi.

ny times: incas' last refuge, high in the andes.

ny times: the wordsworth daffodil dilemma.

ny times: the new station wagon. 0-60 in three diapers or less ...

ny times: kenneth branagh returns to the stage.

reuters: taliban/al-qaeda enemy 'sophisticated.' the tools of civilization become weapons ...

reuters: ray-o-vac unveils new quick-charge battery. "the new system lets the battery charge faster and also makes the battery four times stronger than the best alkaline battery on the market."

cnn: 'stealth' asteroid narrowly misses earth.

had a two-hour outage last night. raid needed to be rebuilt at my hosting location. sorry.