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sun 17 mar 02

rented "there's something about mary" and "butterfly" last night. needless to say, there's nothing about mary, and butterfly was an excellent film. it's so nice not to be a staff movie reviewer ... i can pan something in four words, instead of having to fill a page with dreck.

nice and brisk, perfect for an extended walk.

grasses are growing, just a slight shade of green.  springs coming.

rail trail.

a pair of quite attractive irish eyes are smiling over at the timesink.

trying to finish up the last of my tax accounting, before sending off to my accountant. i always hate totting up all the lines of figures; normally i use my rpn hp calc. couldn't find it, for whatever reason. but, by happy circumstance, i've found that using my old newton 120's calculator is way faster. why? i wondered. sound feedback when a key is hit (i know when i've missed something), the tape to check that my last few figures are correct, and the size of the newton gives me a place to rest my palm while i'm doing it. the fact that i can use my old 'space pen' to write *and* (after flipping over) enter things on the newton. it's making an onerous job much more pleasant. and how old is that technology?

ananova: 'weird nature.'

ananova: anti-aging creams and ingested preservatives may be preventing corpses from decomposing.

the thirteenth little fuzzy terrorist has bitten the dust. how low can you get? they've been recruiting pregnant females. shame on them. but i'm an equal-opportunity mousetrapper ... no mercy.

zdnet: database wars: open source versus commercial.

internet 2 linux distro channel.

matweb, online materials resource.

sock jedi. darth sock.

builder.com: use sendfile() to optimize data transfer.

miami.com: painting portraits of the dead on coffins.

flexible cd's.

i'm so behind. happy one year to billsaysthis!

times of india: bush got involved in 'middle east affairs' at arab insistence. in other words, bush can be maneuvered. interesting.

times of india: britain-e.u. rift widens over 'gulf war 2.' all this talk of toppling saddam must be driving him nuts. he'd probably love to lob something explosive over at israel, but knows he'd get nuked. nothing like approaching a cornered dog; you never know what he might try.

times of india: aids vaccine may be 10 years away.

times of india: experience mythology through technology.

ny times editorial: tom ridge's homeland silences. checks and balances, my friends. brook no dictatorships.

ny times editorial: darwinian struggle in ohio. as was said in a previous article, intelligent design must play on the same scientific field. who created the 'creator'?

ny times: in the last piles of rubble, new pangs of loss.

reuters: yoga club 'too noisy.' too much heavy breathing.

sunny and cold. may crash a party later today, and see a prime irish stallion [i don't know the breed yet]. nothing gets me out of the house faster than seeing a rare piece of horseflesh ...