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sat 02 mar 02

ananova: high speed levitating train gets the go-ahead in germany.

nofont. via someplace i can't recall.

zdnet: looping e-mails: scourge of the net?

linuxtoday: cups licensed for use in apple operating systems.

cnet: morpheus goes open-source.

guardian.uk: in a galaxy far, far away. alabama, to be exact.

ny times: radical new views of islam and the origins of the koran.

ny times: four novices, one grand canyon. a story with a good ending; at least they consulted the backcountry ranger *first*.

ny times: the gorges du verdon.

ny times: president bush's social security shpiel is at best, misleading. unfortunately, some will take this at face value, as he well knows. shame.

ny times: challenges for qwest.

santa few new mexican: foothills trail almost complete. almost ready for dog poop baptism, unfortunately.

sunny; the snow missed us. cold. my thermo said 0, but local weather says 10.