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fri 01 mar 02

arianna online: cheney's war on the public's right to know.

dallas news: tuna, no. tuna, yes. personally, if it were possible for me to get pregnant ... tuna, no.

nandotimes: decommissioned russian nuclear subs pose risk. rusting away with nuclear fuel on board.

abc: church attendance in america.

ananova: new hampshire woman lifts van off her husband. 36 times her own bodyweight. i don't see any mention of hernias ...

zimbabwe a stage six threat of politicide/genocide.

scoop: rewriting history and global warming.

entrepreneur.com: 'how to make money on the internet.' well, sort of.

cnn: microsoft to keep track of instant messages. yesterday; didn't pick this up.

zdnet: youth urged to practice safe text. text. that word was text. okay.


yes, the definitive meme ... ooglegay earchsay.

julia child's kitchen.

about.com: race and the human genome. we are so much more alike than we are different.

black world today: beijing shaken by bush stand on taiwan.

bbc: meditation mapped in monks. say that three times fast. "since the sense of spiritual reality is more powerful and clear, perhaps that sense of reality is more accurate than our scientific everyday sense of reality."

highlights from the february netcraft survey. apache's up over 1 percent, and zope keeps climbing.

photoarch [php]. online photo archiving solution.

cnet: when a city's cost is bad for business. link for bill; check the price of princeton!

brent simmons is leaving userland. thanks for all your effort, brent.

still haven't cracked the nut yet.

the register: discussing windows xp service pack one.

the register: how to fry an egg with an athlon.

linux today: linuxorbit adds to its collection of how-tos.

geeknews: no more commercial pgp.

linux power: putting together a complete multimedia architecture under unix.

mac central: almost 1/4 of u.s. workers telecommute, says study.

washington post: lott calls daschle 'divisive.' i'd certainly like to know what the strategy is, too. this is not a dictatorship, where we carbon-copy everything the chief executive says.

upi: cheney's daughter offered state department job. apparently, made just for her.

political wire: fleischer retracts blame on clinton.

manhattan institute: the decline of marriage. a well-written article. via al daily.

telegraph.uk: the lure of coffee-table cinema.

faz: new picassos.

okay, i admit it. i'm grouchy as an old bear at the moment. i'll get over it. must be the moon phase. but it also might be this piece of code i just can't get working. like beating my head against a brick wall ... except it's probably my own lack of enlightenment ...

ny times op-ed: polluters should have to pay.

ny times: new jersey's facing serious drought. compared to how we deal with things in new mexico, jersey's behind the eight ball. at 40% capacity? they should be at stage 2 restrictions right now.

ny times: snowy owls at boston's logan airport.

ny times: bush pushes to partially privatize social security. how can one listen to this with a straight face, after seeing how wall street analysts dealt with enron? president bush, you need to find a way to guarantee returns ... and convince us that this scheme won't require a whole new heirarchy of employees at the social security and irs offices to deal with it.

ny times: cbs asked to postpone broadcast of sept. 11 tape. i have to agree ... it's too soon. it's also time to drop the sappy commemorations at every glitz awards show.

ny times: eighteen of the energy industry's top 25 campaign donors met with the energy task force. why on earth is anyone surprised at this?

santa fe new mexican: the lottery starts for hunting next fall on the valles caldera.

reuters: watch for the 'britney' email worm. when is popular culture going to outgrow this chick? her marketing is very similar to the 80's madonna-saturation, i guess.

reuters: our 'shadow government'. this should make us feel safer, but for some reason it makes me uneasy. like a too-greasy breakfast.

reuters: the world's rich get poorer. somehow, it makes 'rich poverty' sound horrible, doesn't it? what's the net emotional effect of having 999 million instead of 1 billion? i can't even grasp those amounts ...

reuters: jay leno hits a hot button with the koreans. i'm surprised any well-read person would make this mistake on the air. don't call a navajo a 'coyote', either.

sunny this morning; expecting snow and *cold* temps tonight. we've been warned, at least. for what that's worth.