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tue 26 feb 02

of course, now the cia will be able to find me in their referrer logs. that'll be interesting. whoops ... there's the doorbell. i wonder wh

the cia's homepage for kids. it's a .gov; can't be a gag.

ananova: marmite honored in parliament.

a good overview of the limitations of satellite net access.

znet: meritocracy or plutocracy?

reuters: secretary fleeces boss by using erasable ink.

reuters: pregnancy saves mother from deadly bullet. a narrow escape for two.

cnn: bologna, bacon and hot dogs in your diet may encourage type 2 diabetes. stay away from processed meats.

political wire: best political websites.

open thought.

everything unix.

dp review: contax n digital.

linux programming: python-url!

linux today: opera 6.0 for linux beta 1.

zope stability how-to.

prospect magazine: are global poverty and inequality getting worse? highlight this for those involved in yesterday's "first things" discussion.

ny times: closing the gender gap in music, without much conviction.

new york review of books: the story of the towers.

times of india: fuel cells will eliminate u.s. oil imports, says bush.

times of india: u.s. freezes assets associated with e.t.a. in spain.

times of india: u.s. cites raj-era treaty to get omar.

times of india: skilling believes congress is wasting time over enron.

speaking of authors, ever have one you like so much, you avoid their books for fear of reading their entire catalog too quickly? john fowles is one of those, for me. 'daniel martin' got me hooked on his writing. then 'the magus'. just finished 'the ebony tower.' it's been about one every four years ... that's about how long i can go without getting another dose.

ny times book review: 'house of women' sounds intriguing.

ny times: when do humans become humans? evolutionarily speaking. talk about splitting hairs ...

ny times: bush may scale back alaska drilling plan.

ny times/ap: aids vaccine shows promise. wasn't it just three months or so ago, when they said there was no chance?

ny times: u.s. analysts find bin laden had no nuclear capabilities. in fact, it looks like he was swindled.

santa fe new mexican: here's an interesting tidbit: the nuclear fire from hiroshima is still burning.

reuters: teens imbibe 25% of all alcoholic beverages in america. synchronicity again; a young teenage girl binge-drank herself to death in albuquerque night before last.

reuters: flight 93 passenger remains to be released.

sorry; been reading/writing some stuff this morning.

no wind, thank goodness. just sunny and cool.