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sat 23 feb 02

watched 'pollock' on dvd tonight; a great film. painful as hell, but great.

happy 3, axodys!

atlantic monthly: the apocalypse of adolescence.

times of india: "i no longer want to cover war." frank smyth's experience as a prisoner of iraq.

times of india: u.s. energy commission admits 25 contacts with enron.

times of india: u.s and british special forces hunting bin laden in jammu and kashmir.

ny times op-ed: protecting media diversity.

ny times arts: penetrating the mind by metaphor. are focus groups a waste of time?

ny times: at last, the figure skating judges can comment publicly.

ny times books: a historian heads off plagiarism, up-front. the excuses are somewhat lame, however. "adding quotations marks 'would have been a very messy editorial business, because there were so many of them' ..."

ny times: never give up on your dreams.

just got word that my nephew's gonna get hitched next spring. i *diapered* this kid when i was in high school. or, can i say i diapered this man? wow.

ny times: crematory case highlights gaps in oversight of funeral business. once again, business cannot be counted on to 'do the right thing'; oversight and regulation are required for all industries.

reuters: it seems president bush is getting more enthusiastic about his command of rhetoric; unfortunately, he's using it with complete disregard for diplomacy. north korea is a "typical rogue and a kingpin of terrorism". oh, that's going to help things. north korea, with more tact, calls bush "a politically backward child." yes, but the problem is, this 'toddler' has control over the world's largest arsenal. i guess the only answer is to learn baby-talk real fast ...

reuters: pearl's mobile phone used to threaten investigators. "they told the investigators how many children each one of them have, when they go to school, which mode of transport they use for going to school and returning back home and where their families go for shopping."

reuters: bush wants to drill the anwr.

cnn's lead story, 'russia crys foul', about the olympics, seems particularly behind the 8-ball. this was news yesterday; not today. i really don't know why i waste my time with them.

cnn: experts are analyzing the speeds of the wtc crash planes. the second tower to be hit collapsed first, ostensibly because that plane was going over 100 mph faster ...

i was shocked, the day i realized i recognized most major classical music pieces - not by their names, but by their sound ... from their use in various bugs bunny cartoons. who can forget 'the barber of seville'?

color the day darkly; chuck jones has died. i hope someone thinks to stamp 'acme' on his casket.

'tis rumored to be warm today. in the 60's. in all likelihood, i will take advantage of this beneficence ... which means a paucity of linkage.