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fri 15 feb 02

why not? irish slang, too. feel like foostering with a fly cemetery?

some gems here: aussie slang. stickybeak ...

an acquaintance sent me this link to 'pull my finger fred' ... should i be offended?

ever wonder where kangaroo.com might go? surprising.

looks like it's time to change my design. or, at least change colors.

freshmeat: python-mhash, dataminer [php].

bbc: the origins of 'wearing jewelry.'

os opinion: did you know that origami saves lives?

ananova: space will have its own language. fun to theorize about.

ananova: so, how much sun should one get? it protects against, and causes, cancer. guaranteed to full-blown gonzo confuse a person ...

i still can't figure out why i give a darn. then again, i'm biased ... i liked the russian presentation better. in my view, classical presentations always score better than 'modern' ones. subjective, subjective. i also think 'controversial' judging is a part of sporting life, something that we learn to overcome when we are children. builds character and drives one to new heights. but friends keep telling me, "but this is the *olympics*, garret ..." ok. i can accept that argument. but i don't have to agree. 'tis a free world, after all ...

just to play devil's advocate, what happens if the international skating union finds no misconduct?

tech review: blog this. via serious instructional technology.

ananova: archaeologists uncover gold treasures near alexander the great birthplace.

sunspot: campaign reform foes put on quite a show. read it. it's funny ...

nando times: new york nuclear power plant [indian point] leaking radioactive coolant.

telegraph.uk: after 170 years, darwin's pickled fish swim into view.

la times: traudl junge, hitler's secretary ... has died.

wharton: managing the bankruptcies of knowledge-based companies.

iwon: cheney says iran an active supporter of terror.

economist intelligence unit: iran, satan once more.

cosmiverse: search engine use dropping. "the results emphasize how branding on the web is gaining momentum."

bbc: u.s. scepticism over global warming. okay, time to go on the record here. i'm american; i have no doubts about global warming. this administration does not speak for me.

usa today: bush to approve nevada's yucca mountain for nuclear waste.

hey, i didn't go looking for this. but i'll post it anyway.

zdnet: french warez 'gang' gets sentenced.

this is london: 'rat-pack' style is back in fashion.

wallaces farmer: long-awaited study of animal agriculture and air quality is released. iowa. if you're a regular reader, you know i used to live downwind of a hog farm [not voluntarily]. you gotta experience it to realize how sick you can get from the unbelievably pungent smell ...

usa today: figure skating controversy boosts ad sales at nbc. "... nothing beats an ice storm to warm the hearts of advertisers and broadcasters that have a major investment in the winter olympics." looks like there's a benefit to controversy for the media; so *who* talked to the french judge ... ?

slashdot: the myth of open source security revisited, v2.0.

os opinion: what is .net, anyway?

ls4b: business power users need the power of linux.

mac central: itunes to newton?

bbc: pump up your laptop, with the 'step charger.' cool.

new book from new riders: 'zope: web application development and content management'.

the new york review of books: the threat to patriotism.

frankieboots.com. [photography]

ny times op-ed: not quite a whistle-blower. in other words, don't believe hearsay. wait until all the evidence is presented.

ny times: bush offers a plan for voluntary measures to limit emissions. well, i didn't expect much, given the pro-business nature of the administration - especially in the midst of a recession. but i must focus on the positive: deep mandatory reductions in sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and mercury. it's a start, at least.

ny times: threats, dead undertakers, and plenty of questions in wisconsin. one of the suspects: a religious group who believes embalming desecrates the body.

ny times: canadian skating pair awarded gold. it'll shut some people up, but doesn't solve the problem ...

santa fe new mexican: food tax repeal is dead.

reuters: microsoft web toolkit has security loophole. just one? hey, that's good news ...

lotsa meetings today. consider today 'webloggius interruptus.'