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mon 11 feb 02

according to local news, albuquerque hospitals are full of flu cases. full; as in sending ambulances elsewhere.

ananova: physics tackles the perfect pancake.

ananova: fish salami. doesn't exactly excite my palate, but hey ...

ananova: the last male po'ouli bird needs to mate to restore the species. what can we do to help? send leather pants and some birdie viagra?

ananova: bank of america money found at ground zero.

tuxppc: linux on a new g4 imac.

newsforge: python z object database released.

'course, that doesn't say much for my i.q. at seven a.m.

i woke up this morning wondering what happened to all those old aluminum can pull-tabs we used to see littering the environment. apparently it's evidence of alien occupation. even urban legends says so!

it seems webtrends live, since upgrading, no longer does 'real time' stats for their free accounts. there's a lag as long as twelve hours or more. unless the situation changes, i don't recommend using their service for weblogs. if the lag continues for another couple of days, i'll be pursuing other stat solutions for this website.

newsforge: new version of easy-linux-network-for-schools package released.

slashdot: electric company using power lines for data.

linux focus: freefont, truetype and patterns with the gimp.

newsforge: quick uml linux - uml design tool.

kuro5hin moves to mysql max 4.0.

zdnet: how schools are tricked into using pc's - when macs are better. usually, it comes down to the ongoing cost of maintaining a network.

cnet: macromedia products to support .net.

bbc: gm pollen 'harmless to butterflies.' i had cast aspersions on gm, based on this topic in the past. i'm happy to see the test done, and results posted for the positive. i'm not anti-progress; i'm pro-caution. that they tested, makes me feel more confident in gm solutions. you know the old saw about blind faith ...

freshmeat: mondo rescue, jacquard [java servelet], mailto.php [foil harvesters].

geeknews: mirc 6.01.

ananova: i saw this human cannonball footage on the local news last night. ouch.

onlamp: how to become a freebsd committer.

webreference: for web design, KISS.

washington post: history of american scams. a la enron.

bbc: 'casablanca' most romantic movie of all time. and the hero doesn't even get the girl ... just a louie.

guardian.uk: hooked on classics. classical architecture, back in popularity? that's good news, to me. nothing gets me going like gothic flying buttresses ...

times of india: islamists have a hideout in virginia.

times of india: man caught at airport with 1300 diamonds in his stomach. hmmm. a thought. increased security at airports is going to put a new spotlight on oversea smuggling, i think. how much money will the coast guard get in the new budget? probably not enough.

times of india: the razzie awards. the horrible question: did that tom green flick make a profit? if so, we'll see more ... and worse.

ny times: battling over the records of bush's governorship.

ny times: french decision prompts questions about free speech and cyberspace. "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me?" sorry, wrong answer. words are powerful; words can be tools and weapons. ask any minority.

ny times: fearing soft money limits, parties fill coffers. who trusts politicians?

ny times: "and it's a right hook to the jaw, for intelligent design." "oooh, a sucker punch takes out evolution ..." personally, i think kids have enough to try to assimilate in school. one puts their faith in the predominant theory (putting faith in evolution? egad!), while briefly presenting other theories. let the individual sort it out as they progress into college. i mean, do we teach oswald killed kennedy, or the man on the grassy knoll? why or why not?

yow -> ny times: digital sensor is said to match quality of film. "... could become available early next year in more popular brands of digital cameras selling for less than $1,000." and more, from dp review: foveon x3.

ny times: released afghans tell of beatings.

reuters: car accident statistics by astrological sign. carl sagan would *love* to take this one apart at the seams ...

reuters: folk singer dave van ronk is dead at 65. dave was mentor to many 60's icons and ideas.

reuters: google to offer a new product for companies [to search their own databases].

reuters: 'did gourmet coffee cause the dot-com bust?' then again, maybe we woke up when they started offering frozen caffeine drinks ...

reuters: bodies of six nyc police officers found at ground zero. and one victim.

i think my eye prescription needs changing. that age thing's kicking in here, too.