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fri 08 feb 02

reuters: hi-tech for nordic skiers.

zope: first release of manage-in-zodb! cooool!

salon: johnny depp thinks he had the answer for afghanistan.

ananova: space station may get japanese tea room.

reuters: it's official ... muhammad ali is *irish.*

cnn: ntsb says 'pilots can cause tail fin to break off.' yeah, well they can flat the tires and peel of the wings, too. this is news?

back to doing what i do best ...

naiveté needs protection. that's unfortunate. i get tired of becoming calloused. it requires more 'soul moisturizer.'

ever have one of those situations where you try to help someone, but then they turn and twist it into something horrible? i just found out about something that happened behind my back a few years ago. total mind-bomb. it's one of those situations you learn from, and move forward. but it can't help but close you down just a little bit more, make you a little less trusting.

cmswatch: why getting laid off is better than building a proprietary cms. via cam.

btw, the presentation i gave yesterday was a 'go.' first quarter earnings here are looking up.

niels bohr archive: document release, bohr and heisenberg, 1941.

newsforge: arsdigita shut down; assets acquired by red hat.

kuro5hin: black history month.

freshmeat: dtd to xml schema generator [java], fpsycopg [postgresql to python db adapter], myphile [php; generic front end to mysql].

sysadmin: halted firewalls.

heatseekers: keyboard mod. what was that old game, 'light brite?' ...

wired: gotcha! remember that film? pure 80's fluff.

ananova: ancient chinese cities uncovered.

webref: navigational systems defined by customer experience.

webmasterbase: the complete guide to .htaccess.

os opinion: apple's new software is 'nothing real'. it will solidify their standing in the video editing market, however.

via referrer logs: artbomb.net.

boston globe: houghton mifflin backs tolkien estate's suit to suppress "rings diary'.

bbc: guenter grass is breaking german taboos. "he [grass] said that would help young people who may be fascinated with nazism, but do not understand the reality behind it."

economist: 'elements of style', analyzing compressed files.

they also have a link to "first camel beauty contest in u.a.e.", but the page could not be displayed. rats. i wanted to see a 'beauty' who spits ...

times of india: rafsanjani: u.s. will find iran a 'bloody swamp.'

ny times op-ed: leon panetta, can congress discipline itself? "contrary to the president's promise in the 2000 campaign, the budget uses all of the social security surpluses to fund various government programs through 2013." say 'welcome back' to the reagan 80's. if bush wins a second term, 2010's gonna be pretty depressing.

ny times: bush administration gives the green light to oil and gas drilling near utah parks. one hopes they do an archaeological survey of the drilling sites, first.

ny times science: cells in your eye help set your body clock.

ny times: bush action on detainees praised, with conditions.

ny times: health risks in the wtc collapse zone debated.

ny times: news analysis, 'a tale told to congress.' i love that a senator has dubbed skilling 'sergeant schulz' ... "i know no-thing ... no-thing!."

santa fe new mexican: traffic fatalities went down 8% in santa fe county, but in new mexico overall, pedestrian fatalities increased *60%* for the year! "nobody walks in l.a.?" nobody better walk in new mexico ... at least, not near roads.

related ... new york times: states face painful budget gaps. "nearly all 50 states and washington, d.c., are suffering revenue shortfalls ..." yep, just what we need ... more tax cuts.

santa fe new mexican: mayors come out for the pro-cigarette lobby, against repealing the food tax.

reuters: abc news stops providing content to yahoo.

reuters: the international red cross considers even al-qaeda 'prisoners of war.'

cnn: university of georgia heats buildings with chicken fat.

cnn: a 'backwards' spiral galaxy.

a crisp, fresh, sunny morning here in santa fe.