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wed 06 feb 02

times of india: bin laden's trail is cold, says interpol.

times of india: microsoft and rivals cooperate in 'web standards alliance.' UDDI, WSDL, XML and SOAP.

times of india: three strikes, they're out? enron skips a hearing in california, and ignores a subpoena.

reuters: interior department sees no end in sight for web woes. this situation is directly shooting a hole in my first-quarter income. it sucks, to use the vernacular.

apachetoday: postgresql 7.2 final release.

politicalwire: slate dug up the author of the term, "axis of evil."

politicalwire: house to vote on campaign finance reform.

the zope bible.

webmasterbase: diary of a webmaster part 2 - create a content feed - webmasterbase.com.

when you hear me complain about mice, this helps explain why: hantavirus risk maps.

the register: paypal rules epayment p2p.

freshmeat: axpoint [pdf/xml slideshows], sloth [slow your apps].


daemon news: fun with automounting on freebsd.

fodder for blackholebrain: salon, was bush abducted by aliens?

the new york review of books: can missile defense work? "... the $60 billion quoted cost (certain to be greatly exceeded) of a minimum missile defense system gives a powerful impression that the bush administration and some in congress are not entirely serious about national security." a tease. read it.

washington post: here come the patriotic films.

newsforge highlighted modwest's offerings as a host. they run, in addition to other scripting goodies, python and ruby.

the star.ca: why primetime is emitting the stench of death. "... plus, on feb. 21, get this, 'the glutton bowl: the world's greatest eating competition'." spare me.

the art newspaper: tourists are 'wearing down' u.k. cathedrals.

times of india: russia cautious about u.s. hints of a nuclear treaty.

times of india: cracks widen in coalition against terror.

ny times op-ed: paypal and other post-bubble signs of life on the internet.

ny times letters to the editor: three quotations from a scandal.

ny times: is the dna right, or is the prosecutor? i'll bet on the dna ...

ny times: critics favorite albums of 2001.

santa fe new mexican: santa fe high school reinstates the pledge of allegiance. and out come the 'conscientious objectors.' one wonders if the objection is the pledge, or an objection to rote memorization.

reuters: torn flag from wtc to be carried in the olympics. gee, can't afghanistan do it too? maudlin.

reuters: norman mailer says 'america is too patriotic.'

cnn: lindbergh's grandson to 'duplicate' flight. but having a gps, and a much faster plane ... isn't that just a token effort? why not try it in a jenny? (grin).

cnn: two democratic senators reject the idea of a special counsel. if leahy and lieberman think this is a smart move, to show dems are not as prosecutor-happy as the repubs, it's lost on the populace. the 'people' don't remember. but if "the threshold for appointing a special counsel was 'substantial and credible evidence' that somebody at the highest level of government may have committed a crime," then i have my doubts about any of these congressional 'foxes' cleaning our 'chicken house.' both parties are exposed on this. i don't trust either of 'em. i'd like to see a special prosecutor, simply because of the depth and breadth of this scandal ... threshold or no. the s.p. isn't a guarantee of non-partisanship, but with the current balance of power ... it would be interesting to see who would get the job.

webtrends live has a serious lag problem, for the last two days.

bright, sunny and cold. our road, which is normally dirt, is an ice sheet. i almost ko'd the mailbox coming back in. a.b.s. drives me crazy; i learned to pump, and it's hard to break the habit.