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sat 02 feb 02

ny times: the health of the environment correlates with the level of corruption in government. we're 51st.

ny times: churches on right seek right to back political candidates. they already do, from what i can tell. the 700 club, apolitical?

a piece of american history: operation wetback.

times of india: the dalai lama is fine; he had a bowel infection. ouch.

"windows crashes my machine." "oh, no ... U2?" sorry; couldn't resist.

went out for a long hike in the snow this afternoon. anything worth linking in the ether?

snow, when turned grayscale, looks like a moonscape:

sun, ice and adobe.

looking at the downspouts the other day:

sun, ice and adobe.

salon dubs 'brotherhood of the wolf' insane. reading the article, it will send viewers to the film in droves. why? because it's different.

two part findlaw article by john dean (of watergate fame), on enron. part one. part two.

i guess it's time to write a letter to the paper, and advise folks to take a digital or other camera along on their walks. take a picture of the party with the unleashed dog, or a photo of the loose dog. post it for the public to see, and send it over to animal control. it's non-confrontational; it should work.

looking in the local paper, i see a young lady was accosted by a dog on the rail trail; the canine proceeded to try to mangle her, but only tore her pants and undergarments. animal control says that because the skin was not pierced, this attack does not qualify as a "bite", therefore it's not actionable. the dog also threatened a young mother and toddler, but no bite occurred. the only thing animal control might be able to do about this pooch is issue a 'no-leash' citation; it's a shame that blood must be shed in order to take action. i guess personal property doesn't count. this woman's out the cost of a pair of pants, and a pair of underwear ... ignoring her mental trauma.

cloudy and grey again today, heavy cloudage to the west. supposedly, non-productive cloudage. in the lower teens.