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fri 01 feb 02

msnbc: "abortion foes new tool: ultrasound." clever. i wish the same people pushing this would encourage more aid to orphanages and adoption agencies, however. you can't prime the pump, and not have the bucket ready ...

if you haven't checked out the anti-bloggies official rules, you really should.

for those coming here from signal vs. noise: this site is programmed in zope, not necessarily a traditional blog tool. i have a browser-sniff on the index_html page, which zigs you over to the appropriate template. each template [css and N4] calls a dtml script that grabs my most recent two days of content and presents it. so through the beauties of content management, it's no extra drag. but i'm only supporting N4 on the home page; no other area on the site. alas, i must keep my netscape chops up for business, because here in new mexico ISP's have been mailing out "new subscriber" CD's with N3 on them (no, that's not a typo). but really, for weblogging i look at it in this fashion ... in a world of audis and boxters, it's up to the individual if they want to accommodate the 50's studebaker pickup. my shop's going metric, and the damned studebaker is still SAE. i will continue to support N4 for a while, but not forever. i consider my browser-sniff and alternate template a favor - the driver of the studebaker has to come to terms with the fact that she/he's driving an antique. to put it really bluntly, three individuals used N4 here today. three visitors out of what will likely be close to 400 or so (not hits, visitors). if i didn't know a couple of the N4's personally, i'd go ahead and drop N4 compatibility this evening, and work on a really *fun* design. [yes, i pulled way back on this to keep the studebaker in tow ...]

ananova: first winona ryder, now olga korbut ...

ananova: nasa bans drunks and hooligans from space. flat feet? nope. halitosis? nope. hangnails? nope. recievers of enron contributions? okay, i won't go there.

ananova: bad weather in the u.k., but a great picture ...

just ran across an interesting notion ... humans were thrown out of paradise. animals weren't. but what does it mean?

os news: migrating from linux to freebsd.

linux orbit: looking at the galeon web browser.

bbc: united airlines posts a record airline industry loss. 2.1 billion dollars.

cnet: super bowl ads return to the off-line giants. bye-bye, bubble.

webmasterbase: the importance of web standards.

topxml: a slide-in made with xml and xslt.

ny times: in commercial, elizabeth dole chastised for enron ties. a dole spokesperson says: "it's this kind of bitter partisanship and reckless negativity that voters are tired of." sorry, but the republicans authored this style of partisanship and negativity to great effect. which party was the one who said "go negative early?" do you remember gopac? as you sow, so shall you reap.

political wire: white house holds clinton records to a different standard.

just got back from 10 am meetings. more links coming.

xmlhack: activity around the dublin core. metadata.

jasc webdraw. svg.

usa today: hyperlinks don't violate trademarks.

wired: breakthrough for penguin-heads.

netcraft january web server survey.

new left review: interview with josé bové.

times of india: bush took enron's recommendations on appointments for the federal energy commission.

times of india: looks like bush's buddy, "POOT'n," didn't like the state of the union very much either.

ny times op-ed: "how many more enrons?" exactly.

ny times letters to the editor: ah, this letter sums up my confusion exactly. "axis of evil."

reuters: doctors call for warnings on vibrating game controllers.

cnn: north korea says the bush state of the union was just short of declaring war. the white house says "... the naming of north korea, iraq and iran does not signify any imminent military action against them." as i said earlier, i really don't know what bush expected to accomplish by naming names, and creating such a catchy moniker as "axis of evil."

-5 degrees, by the thermometer out back. all the roads are ice out here.