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wed 30 jan 02

ananova: researchers to test stuttering theory. huh? they think this is a *new* theory?

ananova: testing the 'six degrees of separation' theory. stalin's daughter and granddaughter lived down the block from me in princeton. we talked from time to time. that puts me one degree from stalin, two degrees from churchill and roosevelt, two or three degrees from hitler (depending on whether hitler and stalin ever really met) ... right? my grandfather had dinner with bert lahr, which puts me two degrees from judy garland ... oh, what a way to totally waste an evening ...

ananova: oldest egyptian tombs unearthed. "we have here for the first time, very early evidence that allows us to reconstruct the further development of hieroglyphics writing during the archaic period just a couple of hundred years after writing was actually invented."

ananova: older sharks are better for shark-fin soup.

reuters: .coop, the domain for chickens.

last night, i got an email from a family member i haven't seen in twenty years. twenty years. from the first sentence, it was like we'd never been apart. and her daughter just emailed me; she was just a beautiful little six year old last time i saw her. she's in albuquerque! i'm so jazzed, i can't tell you.

it's still snowing like crazy here. about five inches so far.

dp review: fuji scores. the new finepix s2 pro has a 6 million pixel ccd that records a 12 megapixel image. the real beginning-of-the-end for film. six megapixels is, arguably, the point where digital becomes 'as good as' 35mm.

freshmeat: spectix [multi-platform gui builder], xerces [xml], setedit [dos editor], cute php library.

o'reilly: apache web serving with os x, part four.

cnet: fed holds the line.

bbc sci/tech: fossilized dinosaur tracks tell scientists how the animals ran.

html goodies: database basics part two.

zope: ie booster. this may drag me back from mozilla to ie again. not just for zope; check out 'show style sheet'!

zope: cmf options released. for zope 2.4.3.

os opinion: apple doesn't need zealots. oh, just the title rings so true. i've used macs consistently since the 'fat mac.' yet i have also used ibm pc-based boxes since the first two-floppy green monochrome model came out. singer, jacquard, wang, silicon graphics, sun, dec, you name it ... i've fooled with it for some application. in my philosophy, every job has a 'best tool' - a compromise of hardware and software. each job is a moving target; the 'best tool' changes on an almost-monthly basis. to claim one platform is the best for every application is simply ridiculous, and worse ... misleading.

washington post: dubya's funny faces. an upcoming book about our president.

u.s. news whispers: gore returns?

received in email today: simple minds, kids and relationships. some sound edited by adults, but some are funny.

it has just begun to snow.

chronicle of higher ed: judging 'arming america.' a critic must not only read, but research the author's sources, even questioning his very integrity.

cnn: no more novels from stephen king?

national post: great authors make scientists of us all.

ny times: trial of a dealer divides the art world.

santa fe new mexican: the immigrant/dwi roadblock continues to generate press.

santa fe new mexican: the lost hard drive at lanl has been found. will we see it in the national news? controversy is more popular than resolution.

ny times book review: 'the wounded inner child in everyone.' good review - not pointed enough, in my opinion ... but good. the continual portrayal of all children as victims is plain wrong. disempowering, too, if you buy into it.

ny times: logging, bane or balm? as i've said before, so many forests have been protected from normal conflagrations, that they are now tinderboxes waiting to explode. i think more than anything, this calls for a new ethic in logging, a 'minimal impact' philosophy to stand forth. it's not like we don't have the technology to accomplish such a feat ...

ny times: flame retardant in furniture causes concern.

ny times: republicans divide over disclosing information.

ny times: log may be key to kursk sinking.

reuters: gdp posted 0.2 percent growth in the fourth quarter. note the last paragraph: "... government spending grew 9.2 percent in the fourth quarter, also the biggest rise in 15 years." ay-yay-yay ... don't get me started.

reuters: iran, iraq and north korea dismiss bush accusations.

reuters: sources say gao will file suit over energy task force information.

times of india: congress for action against iran, iraq and north korea. tom daschle: "... if it takes preemptive strikes, preemptive action, i think congress is prepared to support it."

couldn't wait. had to see what the times of india said about the speech. nothing on the front page! i wondered if the prominent mention of musharaff would offend. only one article, the lead-in on the 'americas' page. interesting.

what on earth does bush gain by specifically naming iran, north korea, and iraq, other than stirring a huge rat's nest? i really can't figure it out, what he's attempting to accomplish.

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