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sat 26 jan 02

linuxdevices.com: netbsd boxed set.

the register: the linux-amd bug in technicolor detail.

wired: clever! how to retrieve a stolen mac. read it; it's great.

webreference posts an article on content management, but passes over zope and frontier.

bias is an interesting word.

yahoonews/reuters: bush reads up on media bias.

times of india: u.s. successfully tests sea-based missile defense. for some reason, i had totally overlooked ships as anti-missile launch platforms. this, strangely enough, begins to alter my view of missile defense. it can work, without the horrific infrastructure buildup i theorized about. obviously, i've missed the forest for the trees. when i have a chance, i'll do some more pointed reading on the subject.

times of india: powell asks bush to classify guantanamo detainees as pow's.

santa fe new mexican: senator jeff bingaman gives away his enron campaign donations.

ny times editorial: will bush be petty in the upcoming state of the union? my title, not theirs.

ny times op-ed: anthony lewis looks at the pow issue.

ny times travel: eat with the florentines.

ny times: computers offer a new twist on plagiarism detection. the lazy footnote, the casual attribute must make way for the precise reference.

ny times: criticized, u.s. brings vistors to prison camp. "... the horrors of sept. 11 have addled america with a 'revenge lust that has swept away normal moral concerns' ..." a good time to read 'the count of monte cristo', then.

ny times: in the wake of kmart, what of martha stewart?

a new version of icab is available.

historical meme -> if anything deserves to be #1 on daypop, this does: how to tell if your ass is too small. link it, let's go for #1.

dsl is still not an option in my area, neither is cable. my choices are: another dialup, isdn, or satellite. anything i do through the phone company is going to get absolutely socked in taxes. unlimited isdn is in the $200/month range, which i just can't afford. satellite's around $80, plus equipment and install ... and limitations. so it looks like i'm on the hunt for a low-cost fast dialup. used to be, earthlink would allow two machines to access on the same account. no longer. bummer.

well, the free ride couldn't last forever. my relationship with a host in albuquerque is over; not in a negative fashion on a personal level, but the net result is that i lose a dialup and all my hosting space over there. the hosting space is no big deal; i just have to move a couple of domains. but the dialup hurts. until i research my options and figure out what the hell i'm going to do, the prolific nature of my weblogging is going to have to be adjusted somewhat. i'll do my best to stay consistent, but it's going to be difficult with just one dialup, trying to weblog and work at the same time.