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mon 14 jan 02

i've been so busy, it seems i've missed the chance to say goodbye to reutellog. best wishes!

reuters: evidence of 'insider trading' with enron? oh, it happened. question is, how to authoritatively prove it.

reuters: kmart, shares at lowest since 1967. if you got gift cards for the holidays, use 'em quick ...

from a reader: the guardian on safe pretzel consumption.

zope.org: zdataquerykit, query sql without programming.

nasa earth observatory: there's more to ice ages ...

webref: site map usability.

ananova: analysts debunk web porn myth. portals over porn.

freshmeat: php-nuke 5.4, kwebwatch

kuro5hin: dea outlaws hemp food products. and here i almost bought some hemp granola yesterday.

the register: ms windows update suffers a multi-day outage.

newsforge: weekly news wrapup, linux has new desktop options.

slashdot: star trek, tng season 1 dvd's come out in march.

philosophy and literature: what is genius?

slate: the plagiarist.

chronicle of higher ed: state support for higher ed softens.

ny times mag: make room for dada.

santa fe new mexican: a controversial timber sale in carson national forest.

at the times of india, i can read about the pretzel incident.

times of india: 'little guy' stands up to microsoft.

times of india: china declares it poses no threat to india.

ny times op-ed: safire has a different take on the enron-andersen issue. somehow, though, i seem to remember that for any scandal, investigations go forward on the theory of "where there's smoke ..."

ny times op-ed: spencer abraham's dream car. some excellent points made here, many i had overlooked in my enthusiasm. cut it, print it: i was wrong.

ny times books: negotiating the darkness, fortified by poets' strength.

ny times: inheritance rights of frozen sperm.

ny times: tyson and immigrant worker smuggling.

ny times: disarming the afghan population.

reuters: me.uk.

reuters: raytheon wins $428 mill air force deal. i believe, when bush was elected, i mentioned we should buy stock in defense contractors. if your morality might be tweaked by such a scheme, the money you could have contributed to the democratic war chest. how's that for a twist?

reuters: prozac patent appeal rejected. a piece of news better than a bush tax cut, for many.

well now, i wanted to read the pretzel story, but every service seems to be jammed at the moment.

cnn: director ted demme, dead of cardiac arrest at 38.

i seem to remember someone casting aspersons at radio.userland for quietly unsubscribing from bad rss feeds or some such thing. use other rss aggregators, and you'll know why. "fatal error!" ... glad i'm on win2k.

work, work, work. bloody hard work. that's what i'm looking forward to today.