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fri 11 jan 02

good lordy; look at all the radio weblogs.

no need to wait; go eight. i bought mine already.

ananova: a virgin birth by a shark has scientists stumped.

reuters: alan greenspan says the economy is recovering, but risks remain.

oh, i've got such a headache.

another one from the referers: techbargains.com.

motley fool: a tax-smart way to save for college.

newforge: open source convention call for participation.

maccentral: no iphoto planned for classic mac. don't cry, click this: http://www.iview-multimedia.com. it may not be free, but it's a beautiful thing.

zope: calendartag [maintenance], externalfile [stable beta], an easier way to write products [article].


newsforge: a linux user at macworld.

this was sitting in the 'referers' for my radio article below. editorial comment? i nearly fell off my chair laughing.

karl points me to oliver willis' enrongate weblog. i see craig has the link, too. sorry, i'm having a really challenging work-week. if i don't link properly, or screw something up, chalk it up to complete and total mayhem here in the studio.

unix review: linux web server cd bookshelf 1.0.

freshmeat: resin [java], bricolage [cms], sitemesh [cms], exist [xml].

paradox1x links a good article about design.

the atlantic: coping strategies.

times of india: everybody sing: "how long, before taepo-dong?"

times of india: a few of bin laden's lieutenants poised to assume leadership.

times of india: 'pop yoga in the u.k.' makes one want to do 'breath of fire' ...

sydney morning herald: pixel people in the dream factory. someone did a review of the 'final fantasy' film, claiming that the 3d characters were less wooden than the live actors in 'tomb raider.' after seeing the film, i'd have to agree.

the art newspaper: build lagoon barriers in venice.

ny times op-ed: the greater danger. north korea.

ny times arts: the camera as witness to "bloody sunday."

ny times science: the universe is pale green. well, now, that explains why the khaki paint i chose for the bathroom has turned pea-soup.

ny times ny region: studying sept. 11's health effects. "oh, it's ok." "well, maybe it's not." "nope, you shouldn't have been breathing right around that date ..."

ny times analysis: 'a familiar script' ... distancing the president from enron. let me be the first to bark: "oilgate! gasgate!"

here's an anomaly: reuters plugs the ipod.

reuters: european e-tailers have a banner xmas season.

reuters: icann chief favors member-only domains. i was wondering when this was going to happen.

meeting's been postponed. back to linkage.

now i have to run off to meetings. i took a quick peek at scripting news today, and now i feel like i'm part of a damned creative writing workshop. i hope i don't come across as all hype. but i fear so, in the chorus of cheers. but userland has a right to crow; this is the nicest thing they've come out with.

i spent a great deal of time yesterday cobbling up my observations about userland's radio 8 product. take it as you will, i think the userland team's got 'mass market appeal' with this particular product. i wish them the best of luck. will i purchase it? will i hook it up to zope? yes, and maybe. i'm fascinated by the possibilities in xml categories.

i'm behind on my work today, got meetings this morning. slow linkage today.