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thu 10 jan 02

light snow in the evening, melting on the roads leads to sheet ice on same after darkness falls. i remain in one piece. thank goodness.

and now i have to go out to a dinner meeting. back later.

sorry, folks. been unbelievably busy all day.

cnet: forrester to slash 22% of work force.

the straights times: china dumps microsoft for local software firms.

guardian.uk: free software survives downturn.

the register: hacking activity plummets.

ibm developerworks: retail industry adopting xml schemas.

time: driver's licenses to become national id cards?

i'm excited by the prospect of mass production fuel cell vehicles. here's some links: fuel cell vehicles. gm steers towards fuel cell cars. 12 challenges for fuel cell vehicles. another list of companies involved in fuel cell vehicle development. honda's already introduced three, and currently plans to sell 300 in 2003. maybe they can move that up now. this subject's got my 'popular mechanics' gadget-interest in high gear ...

technoerotica: opt-out links. kill all your pop-up ads in one convenient place. via mefi.

nandotimes: nbc is moving away from family shows, citing low audience interest. then again, it may be that audience has moved to pax.

santa fe new mexican: over the last ten years, the city is getting more segregated.

times of india: u.s. may face missile threat from iraq and north korea by 2015.

times of india: u.n. rejects pakistan's request to intervene, basically saying "clean up your own yard."

times of india: china says a cia report on their buildup of missiles is 'baseless.'

times of india photo gallery, children of afghanistan.

times of india: yugoslavia to get 3.6 million in aid from china. when i talk to others at social functions, many think the world "just got more complicated" in the last few months. i gently remind them, it's always been a tangled web. our two-ocean buffer was a 20th century defense mechanism; it's a new age. adapt.

times of india: u.s to mount raids hunting for bin laden in pakistan.

ny times op-ed: who lost the surplus? i don't understand this article. given my link in august to a story stating that 2/3 of the shortfall was the result of the tax cut, i guess i'll have to pay to get into the new york times archives and see what source they used, and find out if there's been an update. i'd like to know fact, without cooked numbers.

ny times: new tree disease may afflict california's giant redwoods. not an emergency yet, but the plight of the american chestnut still resonates ...

ny times new york region: in spite of a recession, parents keep their kids in private school. well, you can look at this a couple of ways, but at least they are putting the quality of their children's education first.

ny times: the white house wishes to restore food stamp aid to non-citizens. could this be the end of the contract with america idea that you can spend less money and cure all of society's ills? that is, we citizens bought into the myth that if you spend a lot of green, you make the welfare situation worse. it's been long past time for common sense to take over ...

reuters: wal-mart december sales surge 8 percent over company forecasts, while kmart expects an earnings shortfall. the blue light may change to red. also, from the ny times, "last minute shopping helps retailers in december."

cnn: white house pressed for more enron details.

cnn: flight 93 widow lisa beamer has a seven-pound baby girl.

low grey sheet clouds overhead. nj-winter-style. unusual for new mexico.