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sat 29 dec 01

moonrise, just before sunset:

moonrise from 14, heading towards madrid, n.m.

watched 'moulin rouge' on dvd last night. i agree with ebert in the review; after years in the video editing biz, this does seem like it has been cut through the blades of an electric fan. i got very tired of seeing ewan mcgregor's tonsils. no less an 'effects' movie than 'independence day,' this movie didn't do a thing for me. your mileage may vary, of course. so much for ever being a good movie reviewer ...

gigalaw: challenge of the open-source business model.

overclockers: a water-cooled case for your pc experiments.

digital video.com: duelling duals. dual athlon, p4 and g4 shootout.

sidescan sonar of that archaeological site off cuba. smells mayan/aztec to me ...

802.11 planet: setting up 802.11b under linux. on a laptop with pcmcia.

happy blogday, mr. traumwind!

the atlantic: christopher hitchens, stranger in a strange land. the dismay of an honorable man of the left.

times of india: shoe bombs used in sri lanka.

ny times letters to the editor: insuring meat safety.

ny times: a raphael exhibition.

ny times: draft rules for tribunals ease some worries.

new york times: screeners at airports don't need a high school diploma.

reuters: india to 'cloak' the taj mahal.

well, i went looking for 'trouble' yesterday, and now it's come home, finally. it's snowing here. quite lovely.