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mon 24 dec 01

happy holidays to you, from dangerousmeta!

the walk was lovely. people went all-out with the farolitos (luminarias) this year ... acequia madre was almost completely double and quadruple lined. the folks were out at the grammar school, setting off their tissue-paper-and-candle balloons (they rise in the air for about ten minutes, then burn up). everyone was singing, everyone was quite happy and really 'in the spirit' ... even without the hot cider (grin). voices raised in song at each bonfire, under the brilliant starshine. exploring down hidden dead end streets off the acequia, finding better and less populated bonfires ... just a whole lot of fun. cold as can be, though. should have worn my long snuggies ...

canyon road walk tonight:

paseo, entering the walk



any trough in a storm

el farol

5:30 p.m., taking off for the christmas eve canyon road walk.

and now, to cracking pecans and cleaning house.

the undisputed king of last-minute holiday shopping is about to hit the streets.