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wed 19 dec 01

reuters: u.s. beliefs about sept. 11 at odds with world opinion. went looking for the pew outfit that originated this survey, but ran out of gas. going to bed.

reuters: the main fire is finally out in the wtc.

congrats hal!

a faithful reader reminds me to do the raw cloves of garlic procedure on a cold. great idea. be *very* glad you're reading this, and not within breathing distance.

can't remember if i've linked this before: zodb/zeo programming guide.

cnn health: drink your red wine, get those polyphenols ...

cnn: potassium iodide for all. at least, everyone near nuke plants.

freshmeat: asptemplate.

oh, joy. now the sore throat and sneezing's started. "hello, client. this is lurch calling ..."

pffft. schoolblogs.com. snagged at the referrer logs again. i'll post an answer when i feel better, and have a bit more time.

some people might blanch at the thought, but next time you have a cold, try squeezing half a lemon in your chicken soup. someone told me this years ago, and it does seem to help. certainly extra vitamin c is nothing to sneeze at (erk).

financial express: now there's a meme for you. zensar has a 'cko' ... chief knowledge officer. "knowledge exists across an organisation and the challenge is to take out this intellectual capital in the organisation and convert it into tangible benefit for the organisation."

yoga journal: prayer is good medicine.

femail.co.uk: women are getting pear-shaped?

newsforge: komodo now shipping for linux and windows.

freshmeat: myheadlines [postnuke], niggle web app framework.

sword of truth: shias vs. sunnis in pakistan. "'no man shall be questioned for beating his wife.' in the very next hadith a woman complained to mohammed that her husband beat her while she prayed. mohammed told her to change her time of prayer or pray shorter prayers so that her husband could get on with the joy of beating her."

i feel awful. *sniff*. i keep looking at code, but it's not registering in my head. it's just squiggles and shapes. where's the aspirin ...?

mac central: linux desktop marketshare less than *1/4* percent. wow.

wired: teen twins build rescue robot. i should point out these are teen twin *young women.* could it be that while the guys are off playing 'doom', the ladies are building useful items? hmmmm?

rootprompt: freebsd filesystem interaction.

politicalwire: clinton's war on terrorism.

linuxworld: seven steps to a successful geforce3 install.

webreference has updated their scalable vector graphics (svg) page.

bbc: european court of human rights throws out belgrade television station bombing case.

new betas for opera, mac classic and os x.

doing a little surfing, i see we're going to have to brace for weblogs to go 'rings' crazy. "the road goes ever, on and on ..."

the american prospect: holy war. "... the american left has 'been scared of being called colonialists and imperialists" and so has adopted a guilt-ridden shyness about islam.'"

chicago tribune: it's a strad. somehow, i think stradivari would prefer his instruments to be played, no matter how short their life.

ny observer: the new york times may turn a bit more pop culture, over high culture, with a change in editors. do we really need more coverage of pop culture?

ny times editorial: about face on campaign reform. given my posts of last night, you'll understand why i'm happy about this editorial.

ny times letters to the editor: now at your bookstore, sticker shock.

ny times: a shrine to spitfires and mustangs. if you can find it, there's a great book by edward h. sims, "american aces," that tells the story of world war two pilots in their own words. individual missions, maps. ballantine paperback, my volume was printed 1963. that, and willi heilman's "i fought you from the skies," cataloguing his time in an me-109. i may have mentioned these here before; if it's a repeat, chalk it up to congestion.

ny times travel: a soothing jaunt in rugged arizona.

ny times: the mystery cancers in toms river, new jersey. i believe they also have an increased incidence of autism in the area, as well. industrial sites litter the area; one has to believe it's contamination in the water table ... no matter what the 'experts' say.

ny times: a tale of mullah omar and mohammed's cloak.

ny times review: lord of the rings.

reuters: prozac, paxil and zoloft all equally effective. hmmm. it is a recession, after all. maybe it's time to buy stock in that generic prozac production outfit ...

reuters: 'u.s. speedboats' attack iranian registered saudi oil tanker in gulf.

beware my posts today; as mucous increases, i.q. reduces ...

first cold of the year coming on. time to buy stock in 'roto-rooter' ...