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tue 18 dec 01

le monde diplomatique has lots of great articles this month: try "the world's new look." or, "horn of africa, al-qaeda regroups."

ananova: "can i put a couple of mummies under your mcdonald's?"

optik, command line parsing library for python.

slashdot/vancouver sun: researchers in canada create supernova. devil's advocate: is this any less 'playing god' than cloning? rather than have to wait for the universe to expand into a lukewarm soup, will we someday be able to create new star systems? ah, i'm in the science-fiction frame of mind tonight ...

there's a 5.1 update to internet explorer for mac over at versiontracker. for non-os x, that is.

people for the american way: challenge congress to support and defend the constitution. "judicial review and congressional oversight are not annoyances to be brushed aside they are fundamental to our constitutional form of government," said neas. "our history demonstrates clearly that unbridled power in a time of national crisis leads to abuses and to abridgement of our civil liberties."

representative ron paul of texas introduced a bill to curb executive orders in march of this year. i wonder what happened to it. the conservatives wanted to neuter clinton's executive orders ... but we haven't heard much about taking executive orders away from president bush. in the words of conservatives, the current system of executive orders "... provides for a range of 'implied powers' with the extent and potency that, if abused, could lead our country down the path to a dictatorship." their words, not mine.

grolier: checks and balances in the federal government. reading this underlines the importance of the vote.

in other words, it's as good a time as any to reread "the federalist papers." and if that be traitorous, then i will walk proudly to the hanging block at dawn.

"if a faction consists of less than a majority, relief is supplied by the republican principle, which enables the majority to defeat its sinister views by regular vote. it may clog the administration, it may convulse the society; but it will be unable to execute and mask its violence under the forms of the constitution. when a majority is included in a faction, the form of popular government, on the other hand, enables it to sacrifice to its ruling passion or interest both the public good and the rights of other citizens. to secure the public good and private rights against the danger of such a faction, and at the same time to preserve the spirit and the form of popular government, is then the great object to which our inquiries are directed. let me add that it is the great desideratum by which this form of government can be rescued from the opprobrium under which it has so long labored, and be recommended to the esteem and adoption of mankind."
- james madison, federalist papers #10

and i forgot to grab my camera. drat. but that's not so bad ... i prefer the experience over the mere record of the experience. tyranny of photography, and all that ...

i just had a roadrunner dash across my courtyard. i slammed open the french doors, and there it was, perched on the adobe wall. a winter roadrunner! that goes well with the ravens. nothing like the croak of a good christmas raven ...

boston globe: the first lady who was president. learn of edith wilson.

boston globe: some say science should restrict access to research data.

scotland on sunday: bad sex causes adultery and divorce. i hope they tape video on may 9.

iwon: tearful workers testify about the enron collapse. "thousands of enron employees have lost their jobs and much of their retirement savings. a 401(k) retirement plan made many of them heavily dependent on company stock, and then blocked them from selling their holdings when the stock turned south ..."

international herald tribune: shutterbugs prefer email to prints. well, there goes *that* entire industry. great comment: "the chain of pain" ... describing printing photos at home.

national post: civil liberties, democracy lag in muslim states. one should hang out in mali, apparently.

new zealand herald: burping sheep contribute to global warming. check the hi-tech gear on those mutton ...

outdoors magic: cairngorm furnicular news. what's a furnicular?

style: dior skateboard. "pray for dior?"

cnn: the secret of tolkien's "rings." nothing really new here, but gives one something to read while we wait for tomorrow ...

korea herald: speed training for martial artists. "margaret! bruce lee here fell on his face in front of our house ..." just teasing.

maccentral: steve jobs, the microsoft settlement isn't good enough.

macnn: update to default folder, one of those essential mac enhancements.

freshmeat: mt news, tutos [team organization], bookbase.

linux journal: a 'freed dmitry' party tomorrow in san fran.

siliconvalley: universal to copy-protect all cd's by mid-2002. "... experiments with [snip] cactus data shield produced raging backlash in europe, with consumers returning discs as defective."

slashdot: happy birthday, perl.

just thinking about the creativity unleashed by hatred for microsoft ... and others. (grin).

ali ibn ali taleb: "believe me, a thousand friends suffice thee not; in a single enemy thou hast more than enough."

zhuangzhi: "an adversary means opposition and competition. but not having an adversary means grief and loneliness."

bbc: it had to happen sometime. 'malicious e-cards.' i wonder what sort of screening hallmark and others do on their artists' submissions.

political wire: conservatives grade bush administration. i'd link to the post article, but i can't get through today.

bbc: yemen attacks suspected al-qaeda hideout.

freshmeat: zorum portal, a.c.e. all purpose collaboration engine.

btw, i did a lot of linkage late last night, so if you don't find anything interesting here, check the top of yesterday's posts.

chronicle of higher ed: looking at intelligent design.

bbc: a bard in the hand. poetry delivered to your cell phone. hmmm. the heck with text ... i'd like to have a rich, lilted voice breathing prose in my ear. that's something i miss in weblogs ... tone, nuance. only the best of writers can convey them.

ny times: the collapse of enron affects arts culture in houston.

guardian.uk: the 'officially approved' lean for the tower of pisa.

santa fe new mexican: gross receipts beat back recession. if you don't know about gross receipts, we in new mexico pay *immediately* 5.875% of our net income [in santa fe county], due at the end of each month. and we pay state taxes each year.

times of india: china and russia pledge cooperation over abm. "... we hope the u.s. side can heed the opinion of the majority of countries and exercise prudence ..."

times of india: pakistan sets up dragnet to catch fleeing al-qaeda fighters.

times of india reappears. don't know why, but now i can reach them again.

ny times book review: "samuel johnson is indignant."

ny times: relaxing a disclosure law. read the last line, from john mccain.

ny times: 400 experts try to harvest afghanistan's mine fields. afghanistan is the most-mined country in the world.

ny times: with seats empty, airlines offer bargains. must be only selected routes. folks i've talked to are getting stuck with high roundtrip prices and full flights. ymmv.

reuters: santa was arrested, because he fits the profile of a terrorist.

cnn: there was a fire at st. john the divine in manhattan.

btw, the sticker yesterday was a *joke* from a friend. i should have phrased it better. i got quite a laugh out of it.

i found this interesting piece from genug in my referrer logs. "looking at the high variability of expression in a rapid series of snapshots of a person proves that there is no truth in any single moment that the camera happens to capture."

the day seems particularly bright today. maybe it's because i finally sprang for a new office chair ... a happy tush makes a happy person ...