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sun 16 dec 01

ny times op-ed: from black to white to black, and the hemings family.

fit to be thai'd.

"trees, though they are cut and lopped, grow up again quickly ... but if men are destroyed, it is not easy to get them again."
- pericles, plutarch's lives.


reuters: rufus thomas, who brought us 'the funky chicken,' has passed away. does this mean we'll have to do the 'funky rock-cornish-game-hen' from now on?

reuters: they can't find bin laden? if i had time, i'd do a "where's waldo?" poster. i see rummy's in kabul, and colin's defending the abm pullout. in other words, nothing's really changed ... news-wise.

dpreview: if you've got a nikon coolpix digicam, there's an update to the nikon view software.

vaults of parnassus: flatdb.

chicago tribune: wish i could get wfmt in santa fe.

santa fe new mexican: speaking of which, pets may not be the best present.

ny times letters to the editor: eating dog.

ny times: usury.

ny times: the government fiddles and the economy burns.

i simply have no motivation this weekend.