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sat 15 dec 01

this boggled me today. instead of 'normal' graffiti:

on the side of a santa fe southern rail car.

and, a shot in the snow:

just flurries.

stopped by the bookstore today, and noticed there's a quickstart guide for python, from peachpit. where in the heck have i been?

just thinkin' out loud today.

and, a little tip ... if you have the same camera. when you open the flash, press the flash button until you *don't* see a lightning bolt or red eye symbol. that's 'straight' flash. if you see the lightning bolt, you're doing fill flash. no biggie, except the shutter speeds are criminally low with fill flash. 'straight' flash gives you 1/90. who knew?

i've also had time to delve into the newsgroups and technical specs for my little kodak 4800 camera. sorry, but 3.1 compressed is *nowhere near* the 3.1 tiff uncompressed. unfortunately, it's a difference between ~1 meg and ~9 megs. 'course, newegg can fix that. dropped it to 'soft', for no in-camera sharpening, saturated ... and now, i have to play with the manual shutter speeds to see if i can coax a little more consistency out of this little beast.

i've been spending the last day or so, in spare time, checking out new inkjet printer options. hitting all the archival sites, etc. i have this desire to begin playing with quadtone and piezography prints on my own. but it looks like i'd have to go epson 2000p, at the least. or i could send my files out, after preflighting here. [not as much fun]. gotta think about it.

don't waste time here ... go read booknotes.

a lazy, pre-holiday weekend. time to pull out the camera and do some pitcher-takin' ...