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fri 14 dec 01

bbc: argentina meets debt deadline. by the skin of their teeth.

zdnet: an interview with zeldman, in ref to the wasp hiatus.

linux today: python 2.2 release candidate.

slashdot: the linux-powered xmas tree.

been out at a client's party ... a very nice evening.

kavkaz.org: "everything is ok with sheik."

dp review: nikon issues warning about using windows xp to rotate images or format compactflash cards.

cnn: turkish women win the right to wear trousers.

foxnews: lawmakers criticize enron execs. surely you can do better than just criticize, my dear congresspersons. these individuals are scoundrels. where is your whitewateresque righteous indignation?

chicago tribune: islam doesn't justify bin laden's actions, say koran scholars. i hate to split hairs, but these are koran scholars in america. i'd like to see an overseas viewpoint.

chicago tribune: apparently american airlines will pay for viagra, but not birth control pills. a suit is being filed.

chicago tribune: mortgage rates climb. greedy bankers.

cnn: geraldo's carrying a gun in afghanistan. tough call.

iwon: bill offered to give fbi access to gun records.

la weekly: formal wear and tear.

iht.com: babble of the web. monitoring internet chat rooms via music. easier to read the article than explain it.

iwon: al-qaeda not fleeing to somalia, says premier.

santa fe new mexican: tribal leaders don't trust interior secretary norton. "we're simply asking to be consulted, not insulted."

screenshots from the sharp zaurus.

macnn: itunes 2.03 update.

linux journal: setting up a vpn gateway.

national post: how mucous can benefit humanity. apparently, it's nothing to sneeze at.

thestar: mightywords to close.

the art newspaper: fakes in peru's gold museum.

ny times letters to the editor: is the abm treaty our best defense?

ny times: small wonders in the winter woods. a story.

ny times: experts say decision could undermine online journalists. "... a hyperlink to digital material can result in 'instantaneous worldwide distribution [of prohibited material] before any preventative measures can be taken.'"

ny times: liquor ads return to television.

ny times: sitting in the hospital, with hand grenades.

traumwind brings us an overview of windows outliners, leo in particular.

a friend of randomwalks comments on julia roberts.

very cold, clear. saw quite a few meteors last night! these seemed larger than the leonids ... leaving sparkling, powdery trails across the dark night sky. beautiful. couldn't stay out too long, however ... with a 30 mph wind and temps in the teens, i did a couple of ten minute observation sessions before retiring inside for hot chocolate and my warm bed.