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wed 05 dec 01

abcnews: check expiration dates on *everything*. some brands of yogurt just do month/day. they need to do year as well, from my experience (gag) ...

csm: why it's cool to be native american.

ananova: being a 'teenager' is a relatively new phenomenon, from an evolutionary standpoint.

reuters: neil young, 'let's roll'. a song about flight 93.

a really bad political article about our current recession got me digging around, and i found this: the reagan years, a statistical overview of the 1980's. "the fact that we have still not restored the tremendous growth we enjoyed from 1939 to 1973 is a damning indictment of the effectiveness of concentrating capital in the hands of a few."

scientific american book review: a linguist looks at language on the internet. i'm linguistically irresponsible for shedding capital letters ...

the american spectator: why laetitia casta lives in london. french taxes.

the american prospect: tolkein and homeland defense. "... 'the fellowship of the ring' - which is going to make the charming but inferior harry potter books look like 'waterworld' ..."

alwin's told us for ages, but it finally sank in over the last couple of days. i bought a knife sharpener; making dinner goes so much faster ... and nicer ... with sharp knives. i'll think about one of those global knives one of these days ...

go here, and 'launch idea line.'

cnn: 85 new jersey teachers now behind bars. i don't know squat about this case, but without a legally-binding contract, i don't see that the judge has a leg to stand on here. there's gotta be something i'm missing. time to dig further ...

hey jeff ... try out the daf. 'rubber band transmission.' you could rebuild the engine in your lap. or, in other words, you've been daf'd ...

reuters: u.s. and russia cut nuclear arsenals to comply with START-1.

reuters: bush picks racicot to head g.o.p. mr.racicot's represented enron, coal-burning electrical generators, and the recording industry of america. just lover-ly.

freshmeat: a.c.e., all purpose collaboration engine [php/mysql].

reuters: pat robertson resigns from the christian coalition.

newsforge: tommy hilfiger picks ibm and linux solutions for e-business infrastructure. "... server interoperability and application flexibility enabled us to reach tommy hilfiger's goals of lower costs and increased revenue ..." doesn't sound like a tragedy to me ...

i also have a spider 'hanging out' over my head, on the ceiling. normally, i'd nail him. instead, i think i'll name him. it's cold out, and after all, it *is* the xmas season.

one of those local stores playing 'mannheim steamroller' has graduated to 'yanni'. no, it doesn't help. i'd like it to DWAT. a 'splorpcronym.'

velonews: lance armstrong 'crosses over' into mountain biking, however briefly.

ny times: lawmakers weigh mental health deal. there should be parity. what does an average insurance policy cover? 5-15k for a lifetime? not much.

cbs news: the a.m.a. feels we don't need to rush into smallpox vaccines.

ny times obituary: gerhart riegner dies. he was the world jewish congress official who first reported the offical german policy of exterminating europe's jewish population.

nandotimes: u.s. postal service posts a 1.7 billion loss for the year. 'declining economy' and 'increased competition' are the causes.

arabic news: somalia on the verge of total economic collapse.

zdnet: recycle your mobile phone.

bbc: quality leap for e-paper developers.

ny times letters to the editor: when charity gets complicated.

nandotimes: ringing those bells. wal-mart, the salvation army, and unionization.

guardian.uk: in britain, a science museum contemplates corporate sponsorship. "... plans to turn the popular attraction into a high-tech theme park with shops, fast-food outlets and coffee bars."

planet rice: rice plants that do not die.

manila bulletin: the awesome task of rebuilding afghanistan.

roaring penguin: linux a virus target?

ananova: some u.s. critics have begun to praise 'lord of the rings'.

ananova: missile test a 'success.'

via metafilter, yahoo express costs $299 ... but read the fine print: "please keep in mind that payment does not automatically guarantee inclusion in the directory, site placement, or site commentary." nice business to be in, huh?

zdnet: the queen of england moves from linux to microsoft. "... the palace says it has shored up the defences against hackers."

bbc: the largest prime number ... four million digits.

cnet/news.com: gerald levin to retire from time/warner. sorry to see him go. a really nice guy. i did some presentations for time/warner up in their boardroom; he'd come into the projection booth and shoot the breeze for a while.

opera for linux tp 2.

newsforge: updated openssh packages available for red hat distros. whoops. updated apache packages, too.

linuxworld: looking at mutt for imap email.

on lamp: cleaning up ports. freebsd.

yahoo news/reuters: u.s. oil prices up as russia cuts production.

wired: everyone's linking this, but what the heck: taking curl for a whirl. i like this ... "websites become faster by a factor of 10 times or more."

macnn: apple hints at os 9.2.2.

architectural digest: macs vs. pc's in the architectural design studio. sounds like mac's losing market share.

yahoonews/cnet: flat panel imacs? unless it maintains price point, i don't see this helping apple, really.

washington monthly: nationalism and its discontents.

the art newspaper: new german law is bad news for victims of nazi looting.

washington post: everyone loves to hate the mouse. a different view of walt disney. i have to say, i couldn't stand doing audiovisual work in orlando. the whole 'disney culture' thing just gets to you ... especially after living/working in it for three to four week stretches. likewise, i was really shocked when i saw walt's testimony before senator mccarthy's hearings. but i have fond memories of 'the wonderful world of disney' on sunday evenings as a child ...

times of india: woman to be included in afghan government.

ny times letters to the editor: yasser arafat, center stage.

ny times: nasdaq above 2k, dow jones goes above 10k.

ny times politics: pros and cons of military tribunals.

happy blogday, blackhole and 2020hindsight!

a quarter inch of fine, ice-cold snow powders the landscape this morning. as the sun rises, it turns into ridged patterns of ice on the walks, cars and ground. i'll take the path of least resistance, and move the cars into the sun. they should be clean in about an hour or two.