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tue 04 dec 01

chronicle of higher ed: an american embarrassed. a young single woman takes a bed on the paris metro ...

"human reason has this peculiar fate that in one species of its knowledge it is burdened by questions which, as prescribed by the very nature of reason itself, it is not able to ignore, but which, as transcending all its powers, it is also not able to answer."
- immanuel kant, critique of pure reason

prospect magazine: are there global political values?

reuters: u.s. approves 256-bit encryption standard.

reuters: airline passenger loads up, signs of recovery.

'words', by missing persons (80's), hit a spot for me today ...

happy blogday, alwin. oops ... happy blogday to mr. kotter, too.

usa today: epa orders general electric to dredge pcb's from hudson river. "if g.e. refuses to go along with the cleanup, the e.p.a. can start the work on its own and charge the company up to triple the cost."

bbc: conductor pierre boulez briefly detained because of a terrorism comment ... from thirty years ago. the world's getting whackier by the minute ...

killertux reviews quanta gold 3.2. linux/html.

vnu.net: open source takes on intrusion detection.

right now, i've got four things going on at the same time ... that all require full attention. how do i end up scheduling days like this?

reuters: half of uk's smokers think smoking is safe. "this poll shows that the government's actions or lack of them have an effect on how the public - especially smokers - perceive these risks."

osopinion: ebay, amazon balk at microsoft's p3p.

cnet: online ad sales continue to slip.

xmlhack: official relax ng spec, tutorial.

wired: anything new in new media art?

freshmeat: python x library, jstooltip [fade tooltips?!], leech.

lwn.net: open ssh 3.02 released.

the register: amazon snaps up egghead.

ny times: challenging particle physics as a path to truth.

are you an e-bore? thanks, dithered.

opera news: diminuendo, the erosion of music education in america.

times of india: the taliban are using human shields, in clear contravention of international law.

times of india: 'the village where nothing happened.' kama ado is reduced to craters.

times of india: mullah omar moves to 'back of car.' i wonder if he's still going 'vroom, vroom' ...

ny times, new york region: alive and well, no matter what the lists say. some who remain on the wtc 'missing' list, are alive.

ny times science: a conversation with oliver sacks.

ny times: thousands of letters may be 'tinged' with anthrax. via cross-contamination at postal facilities.

cnn: bin laden trying to create a 'dirty bomb.' spent nuclear fuel rods wrapped around conventional explosives. be it high tech or low tech, you're just as dead.

is that 'two fine years' of le blogeur? i'm a bit late, but a big congrats, relton.

still busy. linkage will be more prolific in the evening.