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sun 02 dec 01

immediate cure: steel wool, metal tape, and a copious amount of mouse traps laden with chunky jif. the next 'sleep test' is tonight. oh, and i forgot to mention. score one mouse so far.

now that things have cooled down here, the mouse wars are back in full swing. i got jolted awake last night by the sound of chewing right next to my head. darned thing sounded like it was eating prehistoric grape-nuts without milk. in the last dusting of snow, i stalked around the house (remember bill murray in 'caddyshack'?) ... "okay, i know you're around here somewhere, ms. mouse. where are you ... you little (expletive deleted)." grumble, grumble, grouse, grouse. finally i found a long line of tracks leading from the east side of the house, along the adobe wall, and disappearing by our front door. now if you remember last spring, i caulked, stuffed and patched every hole i could find. well, they found some new ones that i hadn't considered. where our vigas (ceiling beams) pierce the outside of the house, the mice have found a way in through the cracks where the wood is drying.

what survives. rainer marie rilke.

a couple of quick pics, one is snow on the sangres during my afternoon hike. the other is sunset from the back portale ...

sunset tonight.

snow on the sangres, from the south.

patti brags about her nice bunns ... with a twist. (gag. ack. barf.)

cnn: the economy ain't so peachy in turkey. not good news; we need a strong turkey right now. or should i say we need 'domesticated turkey', otherwise we'll be hitting the 'wild turkey' ...?

telegraph.uk: zimbabwe to ban foreign journalists.

abcnews: lands end sets up the 'virtual personal tailor.' if they could just get the length right, i might buy into this ...

randomly-found link, 'islam denounces terrorism.' offered without comment.

bizreport: in lean times, online shoppers still set spending records.

newsday: portrait of the artist as david lynch.

nandotimes: twa is no more. a piece of aviation history, gone.

bbc: swiss reject plan to scrap their armed forces.

netcraft november results are out.

we're having a really intensely red sunset here, with long horizontal strip clouds. i'll see if i can get a pic or two ...

amigaexpo. we owe a lot to amiga ... remember that's where lightwave started ...

andrea and andre take us to medieval market in siegburg.

times of india: french troops arrive in afghanistan.

times of india: is michael jackson black or white? who cares?

after much experimentation with the hp1200, and hitting the support website, we've decided it has to go back. check this technote: "the hp laserjet 1200 has connectivity issues when using the software that ships with the printer." that's just great. also, the usb connection won't allow binary eps graphics (only ascii transfers). not much use for a heavy quark user. looking at low-cost ethernet solutions now. the brother 1470n looks like a contender, for 499.

reuters: george harrison may have cut a secret last album.

ny times: a new count of the dead. antietam regains crown of 'bloodiest day in american history.'

everyone's linking to the ny times editorial, justice deformed.

good morning. debugging a new hp 1200 laserjet this morning for a friend (mac). maddening. talk to you later.