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thu 29 nov 01

i see many congratulatory messages around. thanks to all who enjoy my linkage and writings.

~fletk has me mesmerized. 'table bent cracker.' what's next?

i have noticed, and you may take this with a grain of salt, that certain misguided proprietors in the santa fe area have concluded that repeatedly playing 'mannheim steamroller' cd's will energize shoppers. i'm sorry, but it won't. please desist. thank you.

mac central: helios unmanned plane has macs for brains.

linux journal: sendmail, introduction and configuration. for first-timers.

iwon: u.s. warships watching for bin laden off somalia. just in case he's not in kandahar when we arrive.

clickz: web classification is essential.

cnn: painting the eiffel tower ... you guessed it ... "eiffel tower brown."

stickysauce: overcoming web builder's block. for me, a visit to a magazine stand helps spur ideas.

velonews: afghan cyclists on the roads again.

startree, for knowledge management. kinda like 'the brain.'

environmental news network: u.s. and russian officials open new caspian pipeline. "the tengiz field is believed to be the world's sixth-largest oil field. the pipeline has an initial capacity of 28 million tons per year (600,000 barrels a day), and if upgraded, it will ultimately have an annual capacity of 67 million tons (1.5 million barrels a day) ..." gee, does this mean we don't have to drill in the arctic?

jerusalem post: james carville goes to israel.

bbc sci/tech: missed this, too - peruvian mummy tb surprise. tb may have already existed in the new world before the spanish arrived.

computerworld: nicholas petreley, 'the source is everything.'

freshmeat: myphpblog, netscript, uber project document managing system, developer's image library.

slashdot: a review of 'homepage usability', jakob nielsen's latest.

it really blows when it's your night to cook, and you forgot to pull anything out of the freezer. rats. i used up my creativity elsewhere today ...

reuters: democrats hammer bush on economy, deficits. ah, yes. back to contentious washington. the democrats are waking up, thank goodness. guess they got tired of la-la-land. fleischer's response is particularly flaccid.

yaysoft; redesigning pointlessness. tracking/rating blogs.

ananova: a brazilian farmer claims a midair crash between two ufo's has blinded his herd of cows. i'll leave this one for mike to comment on ...

ananova: scientists photograph a memory as it is made. the change in brain cells, that is.

ananova: mystery man hangs on underside of cars in britain. there was a nutcase in america back a while ago who had a penchant for using this technique in association with slashing achilles tendons and robbing folks, if i remember correctly ...

ananova: prince charles' "flower attacker" to be charged with merely 'hooliganism.'

newsforge: windows on linux: real choices, real products.

osopinion: three ways to beat hard times with it changes.

global free press/democratic underground: the thought is not enough. "it's not bush's job to declare war because congress refuses to. it is not bush's job to administer military justice. it is not rumsfeld's job to draft regulations for military tribunals. these jobs all belong to congress."

global free press: new economy cycle ends, myth persists.

zope: blogface alpha. looking forward to playing with this. folderfilter looks pretty nifty, too.

bbc sci/tech: more in-depth information about the gm corn in mexico. "it's better to acknowledge that a minimum of cross-pollination cannot be avoided and not to panic: after all, nowhere in the world has a gm product been found to be unhealthy and no adverse environmental effect has ever been substantiated." i remain a skeptic. the genie's out of the bottle in mexico; let's see if they can put it back in ...

catching up on my reading at xmlhack ...

ibm developerworks: programming sockets.

ibm developerworks: updating your python reading list, part two.

o'reilly linux devcenter: security alerts, a new version of open ssh.

wired: it. next week.

freshmeat: libtiff, pybliographer.

newsforge: qtella, linux p2p client review.

cnet: google testing new system to allow users to rank pages.

ny times: i missed this the other day ... "virtual rape." sticks and stones ... no, not true. names, labels ... words *do* hurt.

npr: tall buildings, why?

times of india: questions linger about the c.i.a.'s newly-graced hero. "... spann subsequently pulled his gun and his cia colleague shot three prisoners dead in cold blood before losing control over the situation."

a gorgeous afghan in more ways than one.

santa fe new mexican: developers must move prairie dogs. humanely. we have quite a lot of them, however. the need for removal around schoolyards is a serious issue.

ny times letters to the editor: kangaroo court responses.

ny times travel: blending in quickly in margaritaville. this'll sound even better long about march ...

ny times arts: did the old masters use optics and mirrors?

ny times: justice department and senate clash over bush actions. "how can you talk about full partnership when nobody let us know this executive order was coming down?"

ny times: new technology is shielding pilots. "we need 10,000 rounds for ak-47's, 5,000 rounds for m-16's, 10 pounds of oats for the horses, a saddle, a bridle and oakley sunglasses."

ny times: fatalism over aids at an african bar. "if there is one common element between the women and the men here, it is that poverty and tradition have made safe sex almost impossible."

reuters: vitamins help and hinder heart treatments.

reuters: was odin a 'real king'?

reuters: dwarf sues to overturn dwarf-tossing ban. "as soon as you have a physical handicap ... all of the sudden they treat you like you don't have a mind of your own."

thanks for the weihnachtsmarkt pics, andrea!

two years ago today, i started fiddling with userland's manila product. i think my first post was 'does this work?' i never gave daily blogging even the slightest consideration. someday i'll unstuff my old copy of frontier, and dig those posts out ...