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wed 28 nov 01

i would get into tech links, but i'm tired. i need to spend some quality time reading in bed. this seemingly compulsive weblogger's going to take 8 good ones tonight ... hasty banana!

science daily: volcanic eruptions may have masked global warming effects. hmmm.

times of india: two afghans killed by humanitarian air drop. how do you say 'the sky is falling' in afghan?

times of india: north korea warns u.s. over 'hostile policy.'

times of india: another test of the u.s. missile defense system, this weekend.

ananova: don't drink the water, don't eat the corn. genetically-modified corn has gotten away from researchers in mexico. mexico has many native varieties of corn, all threatened by this breach.

ananova: vesuvius didn't only catch pompeii, but a bronze-age village years before. how very tragic, but how very cool for archaeologists ...

ananova: paul reubens, aka pee wee herman, is back in the news again.

reuters: another survey. this time, 'internet users seek information, not fun.' 'course it could just be the times in which we live ...

reuters: u.s. biological warfare expert behind anthrax attacks? rumor has it this individual wants a bigger budget ...

reuters: suit filed to reverse presidential papers executive order. good!

reuters: house set to pass insurance aid legislation. "republican leaders on wednesday inserted tougher legal liability provisions into the house bill which would bar the award of any punitive damages, limit noneconomic damages and cap attorneys' fees in such cases." insurance companies. pah. i'm tired. i won't even go there.

reuters: grab yer airbags, folks ... here come the mexican trucks. i'm looking forward to this like a hole in the head ...

reuters: an abc news poll shows that americans favor military tribunals. breaking attorney-client confidentiality too. and we don't mind racial profiling as long as it's young middle-eastern men. good grief. i guess i should find out exactly what questions were asked in the poll ... many times, leading questions skew the results ...

the santa fe county sheriff's department is running a speed trap just outside my driveway. i've offered them bathroom privileges, and coffee. they're snagging people right and left. cool.

it's been a long day. didn't get as much accomplished as i wished. i'll have to redouble my efforts tomorrow.

ny times: arlen specter, questioning the president's authority. king george, stepping on parliament's toes ...

reuters: world aids epidemic on the rise. bad, bad news.

reuters: south africans find 'survivor 3: africa' a hoot-and-a-half.

rc3 on rush limbaugh's op-ed in the washington post. right on, rafe.

i'll be out of the office this morning again, so linkage will be light until afternoon.

snow, just light. but really cold last night. below ten degrees, if i can believe my thermometer.