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tue 27 nov 01

brucellosis, buffalo, and cattle. leave the yellowstone buffalo alone.

'civil liberty and the civil war', comments by chief justice rehnquist. seems my comments about the civil war and civil liberties at the beginning of today's posts was a little misguided. my apologies. i had forgotten lincoln's wartime suspension of habeas corpus. anyway, it's a good read for some spirited debate.

new statesman.uk: bush dumps american values. "the justification for such measures is that they protect the very american values they suspend; that only by suspending basic human rights (to say nothing of the ancient principle of habeas corpus) can these true american values be restored." glad to see i'm not the only one getting bollixed by all the newspeak ...

economist.uk: how much oil is left, worldwide? makes development of alternatives seem all the more important, imho. after all, it's not just cars ... it's plastics, vaseline, our infrastructure ...

economist.uk: ever wonder where all that tobacco settlement money to our states is going? not to discourage smoking, in general. "... when today's smokers fall sick, where will the money come from?"

here's a good resource for dealing with critics. it's pretty much congruent with how i deal with unsolicited criticism. it's an important skill; after all, what human behavior exists that can't be criticized?

ananova: apparently fear of animal/human hybrids has a long history ...

ananova: a 25 x 9 mile glacier has broken off an antarctic glacier. "... is considered evidence of climate change."

ananova: revolutionary leukaemia drug to launch. a medical miracle. wish this had been around for my father ...

got mozilla 0.9.6 windows? try hitting the international herald tribune. if it bombs, join the club. later: a reader kindly points me to the bugzilla issue itself. thanks!

180's. ear warmers that won't mess up your 'do.

reuters: arab league warns against attacking iraq.

reuters: u.s. to set up a 'health alert network' to counter biological threats.

reuters: hubble telescope sees alien planet's atmosphere.

reuters: u.s. moves to question mideast men. if you can't catch a fish with a pole and a worm, you try a net next ... but drift nets catch many innocents ...

still snowing, but not much accumulation. weather report says one to three inches here. our thermometer sits under the portal, and i have to believe windchill is a factor in its reading of between ten and twenty degrees ...

hey, craig, looks like i got the best of austin while i was down there. here's a preview of what's coming your way:

snow in the side courtyard

twelve degrees?!!!

spicynoodles gives me a link to a nighttime webcam of the bonn münsterplatz. beautiful. click the right side links to see other views. i'll return the favor with a shot of the santa fe plaza soon ... when the snow stops falling.

newsforge: cp/m site is back online with an open-source license. if you still have your osborne kicking around. brings back a winsome memory; the first osborne i saw was being carried by a stockbroker ... as i climbed out of the path station underneath the wtc on my first day of work on wall street ... a long time ago.

the register: 'monty python and the holy grail' ... remade in lego.

global free press/guardian.uk: bush is looking for his next target.

global free press/boston globe: poking holes in the constitution. hmmm. interesting thought ... our civil liberties lasted through the civil war (arguably a greater internal threat), and other wars in this century relatively intact. why the all-fired rush to abandon them?

mac central: iview media pro update. if you've got a digital camera and a mac, check this software out.

xmlhack: newsml toolkit beta.

grottoes of levitha: python liberation front, ibm web services resources for python.

linux today: opera 6 for linux.

macnn: howard stern likes the ipod. or should we say, plugs the ipod. he is a creature of capitalism, after all ...

serverwatch: ibm goes red hat across eserver line.

freshmeat: pike [bftp], instant asp [java], h-sphere.

the register: hybrid viruses set to become bigger threat.

the register: 'nerdy' image keeps women out of it networking. hmmm. what do they think about harry potter, though ... ? (grin.)

why use open source or free software?

jeez, go away for a holiday, and splorp redesigns. grant sans facial hair, too.

social issues research center: in praise of bad habits.

the atlantic: a quiet genius, alice munro.

wired: why copyright laws hurt culture.

the art newspaper: recently-discovered leonardo drawing destroyed. by restorers.

times of india: women's freedom march banned in kabul.

times of india: prison revolt in mazar-i-sharif quelled. hundreds dead.

it is snowing here. a fine, powdery snow has moved down from the sangres.

ny times op-ed: the real war. religious totalitarianism.

ny times letters to the editor: gas-guzzling in a patriotic age.

ny times: aircraft safety and the plastic tail. oy-yoy. see my past comments about this. i don't have the heart to go into it again.

ny times: the railroads want to play the market. i still say modern, computerized, containerized rail would do more for america, energy conservation and road maintenance than almost anything else we could do ...

ny times: a harvard biochemist, expert on dangerous viruses like ebola, has mysteriously vanished.

ny times military analysis: a different war in the south.

ny times: lloyds of london raises wtc claims estimate. 47%.

reuters: a rare opportunity to see the 'real' christopher robin.

reuters: international 'sex' statistics. americans average 124 times a year, with fourteen different partners, starting at 16. let's hope everyone's practicing safe sex ...

times.uk: flight 93 cockpit tape reveals the struggle between passengers and hijackers. they were so damned close to saving themselves. maybe this will put the 'shoot down' theory to bed once and for all. via broomeman.

cnn: storm blankets plains. and, for you olympics buffs, check the bottom of the article. looks like salt lake city *finally* got some snow ...

cnn: u.s. airlines offering 'fare sales.'

linkage will start in a bit; haven't taken a shower yet. gotta get the engine revved ...

cloudy, cold and bright today. snow? gotta check the forecast ...