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sun 18 nov 01

wood s lot gives us rilke's 'autumn day.' perfect.

boppin' to johnny a., sometime tuesday morning. groovable. i'm dancin' ...

baltimore sun: applying urban design principles to the wtc site. "we can rebuild him. we can make him better than he was ..."

zope: zmultitab, parsed xml update.

guardian.uk: in a rancid cell, deposed taliban await judgment. i've rephrased their title a bit. excuse me.

developer.com: php security.

cnet: doing the dirty work. yet profitable, too. their last comment 'set boundaries', is spot-on ... otherwise, have a corner of your office dedicated to stockpiling 'tums' ...

sysadmin: iptables/netfilter.

freshmeat: easy xml (php), minml (java), pyqt (python), python-sip.

slashdot: with xml, is the time right for heirarchical databases? sounds like an opportunity for outliners to me ...

just got a new norelco 'quadra-action' shaver from tar-get, to replace my twelve year old norelco. quite an improvement! now maybe i won't burn as much cash on 'touchup' bic disposables. i've got a beard like barbed wire ... rusty barbed wire ...

washington post: secret cia units in combat. "... made up mostly of hardened veterans who have retired from the u.s. military."

santa fe new mexican: the 'kinder, gentler' northern alliance. women can't sing in public.

times of india: 'senior taliban ready to join new government.' actually, the pashtun want representation.

times of india: bin laden had a 'shadow air force.' including a refurbished u.s. air force passenger jet.

times of india: bin laden had links with xinjiang terrorist groups.

ny times: a taliban researcher practiced crude science.

reuters: antiquities department inspectors dig up 2,500 year old tomb in cairo.

reuters: not a pretty picture in kunduz.

reuters pictures archive.

leonids. nice. we had some cloudage problems here at 3 a.m., but i counted over 100 in a ten minute period. some bursts of five to ten, all in one direction (usu. south-southwest, but that was the unobstructed view). at around 3:45, the clouds spun off the sangres and pretty well obscured anything but flashes. there'll still be stragglers for the next couple of days, so i'll be out again tonight. saw a really outstanding fireball, but heading across the leonid pattern. big, green, with flames ... about half as slow as the leonids. really neat. but i fear my experience was not as great as others in the community ...