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sat 17 nov 01

not much action yet, so i'm setting my alarm for 3 a.m., as per albuquerque predictions. see y'all tomorrow.

i'm sitting outside, but my browser's watching here. puffy clouds are building up from the west; i hope things don't get obscured by pre-dawn. if they stay somewhat thin, we'll at least be able to see the flashing through the clouds ... even that is cool, kind of like 'close encounters of the third kind' ...

santa fe new mexican: russell means arrested on a charge of domestic violence.

santa fe new mexican: harry potter gets lukewarm reception in santa fe.

cnn image gallery: kabul liberated.

sun's just set. the anticipation of this year's leonid meteor shower is *killing* me. i've got beach chairs setup already ...

reuters: fidel castro welcomes trade with the united states. disaster relief only, though ...

reuters predicts an upbeat week in the stock market, starting monday.

ananova: israel withdraws from west bank town.

i find from whimmydiddle that the smokies are burning, close to areas i deem precious. much of the maternal side of my family lives around chilhowee mountain and sevier county. concerned. it's beautiful country there.

FOOF = "fraternal order of odd fellows." interesting web site, too.

bbc: the first group of sailors from the newly-raised kursk are put to rest.

cnet: the tech boom, valuation inflation. sounds like 20/20 hindsight to me. i think many of us marvelled at the sky-high ipo's, wondering if the emperor had no clothes ...

php-nuke 5.3.1 released.

times of india: u.n. turns down taliban's plea to negotiate surrender.

times of india: atef death confirmed by taliban.

times of india: where's osama?

ny times: bush team moving forward in reversing environmental policies.

ny times: backwoods of appalachia ablaze after arsonists strike.

ny times: the dig goes on.

ny times: despite some concerns, civil liberties are taking a back seat.

a reader sent in this link: citizens against military injustice.

washington post: yesterday ... "end-running the bill of rights." i say 'no' to military tribunals in this context.

village voice: al-qaeda 'nuclear plans' may be a copy of an internet hoax. pfffft. via mefi.

msnbc: a randomly-found link, through a search engine ... military units on hand for the 2000 g.o.p. convention. way before september 11 ...

broken clouds overhead, broken me. need more sleep.